Horse Cooler Rug

Cooler Horse Carpet

Ride-Away horse coolers, fleeces & sheets Collect your four-legged friends during the warm summers with one of our cooler carpets or nonwovens. Ideal for on the road and after sports or swimming, cooling boxes are a must for any horse cupboard. At Ride-Away we have a wide selection of radiators and nonwovens so you can be sure to find the right nonwoven for your horse and we also have a selection of matching touring shoes to make your horse look good on your way to your big show.

Search our wide selection of moisture-transporting radiators and nonwovens from major manufacturers such as Weatherbeeta, Horseware and Thermatex to make your horse look shining and well. At Ride-Away we are always in the process of update our collection to offer you the latest fashion and technologies so that you and your horse are always up to date.

Cooler & anti-sweat blankets and bed linen for the horse

Equine chillers are an indispensable element for every horse to control the horse's working temperatures and keep it safe from cooling down. Equine chillers are engineered to remove humidity and allow the fur to dries while keeping the cold and warm. Cooler and anti-sweat bed sheet can be equipped with belts and collapsible belts and clasps or in free shape to cover an overheating horse loose.

An ordinary quadratic cooler with a few separate belts can allow a lot of ventilation when going or in the barn. An individually designed horse cooler can be used when travelling or to protect the horse after exhausting exercises. Leave the pendant in a stylish way with a stylish garment with chilling features to keep your horse cold, quiet and cozy.

Antisweat blades ensure that the airflow is maximised and allow your horse to fully dehumidify after work or show. Antisweat leaves are vented and keep the skin hot while the hair dries. If the horse is damp and cool, it is more likely to suffer from an ill health or indisposition, which can be prevented if it is properly cooled and dried.

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