Horse Coolers for Sale

Equine Cooler for sale

After a good workout, horse coolers protect your horse-friend from draughts. The horse cooler is available in fleece, cotton or wool in almost every imaginable colour. Subscribe to our e-mail: Receive the latest information about special offers, sales, events and more. Bonded High Nick Micro Fleece Cooler.

Pferdekühler - Shop Horse cooling blankets made of fleece or wool at Mary's Tack & Feed

Whenever your horse is riding, competing or training, your horse will work harder, so why not award his effort with a cozy, convenient cool box from Mary's Tock. Made of high qualitiy fleeces, these horse coolers sit safely over the middle part of the horse, absorbing the perspiration of a hard training and keeping it hot and cold from a whizz.

You can be sure that Pessoa, Rambo and Centaur will last for years. The best value you can get in a protecting sudarium is a simple flex radiator. Completely made from a lukewarm layer of wool that quickly removes perspiration from the horse's skins, these single-coloured, straightforward coolers keep your horse cool after a cold wintry run.

When you' re looking for a more sophisticated cool box, labels like Rambo and Baker have designed extremely appealing choices in sleek check print and with pre-ppy logos. The coolers have characteristics such as transverse stomach strap and non-woven fibres of ceramics, wood and wood coal, each with their own restoration characteristics to keep your horse hot and taper.

Mary's Tock also has a range of show coolers for use on the ring. If you want your horse or bangs to give their best, these extravagant coolers from Eous and Newmarket keep them convenient and show-ready. Featuring leathers, ornamental decoration and woven waist strings for added grip, you can rely on the power and appearance of these horse coolers.

Sale of horse coolers and horse plates

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