Horse Country Boots

Hors Country Boots

We always have leather jackets, motorcycle helmets, motorcycle boots, vests, chaps, shirts and breeches in stock! Have a look at our new boots from Ariat, Durango and Dan Post! Women's country boots from Cora Country, Blair Country or Charlbury Country. We have carefully selected a range of high riding boots to meet the needs of our riders. Mistress Ovation Women's Cameron Country Boots, Braun, swatch.

majyk Equipe Color Elite X Country Boots

Majyk Equipe Color Elite X Country Boots have an ARTiLAGE front wall and a TPU (Flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane) label on the back of the shoe to protect the front of the cannon bones from bruises and the back of the legs from possible attacks. The back boots have a dual ARTi-LAGE?and TPU flex label in front of the boots, which provides unmatched cannon bones with excellent protect.

XC Color Elite boots have a tapered shape that does not hinder the horse's movements. It is made of a ripstop TPU outer layer that is light but extremely durable and fuses with the inner web. A four-sided flexible TPU blade is located inside the boots, which can bend with the horse's movements but forms a rigid obstacle on collision.

As well as the TPU label, we have added 2mm ARTi-LAGE?foam directly behind the TPU label. LAGE? LAGE is a patented fabric that is smooth and supple in its natural state but is able to alter its structural molecules to cure on contact, deflect the collision from the point of contact and distribute the power.

XC Color Elite Series also features a completely new bio-foam lining to keep your horse's feet fresh, cold and comfy. The new Majyk Forever Cleaning layer on the exterior shell reduces the cleaning times by half, as sludge, grime and soil slip off with a fast mop.

Alistair Ladies Landstiefel ovations

This is a high fashion boots with elegant style and functionality in greased leathers, ideal for denim or skirts. Alistair comes with oil-finished calfskin and top cuffs, full-length side laces and twin buckle. This not only looks good, but also allows an adaptation of the width of the calf for a good seat.

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