Horse Cover


Cooler & Showcover - Schneiders Excellent choice of radiators and showcovers offer both unbelievable wick capabilities and the right cover for all season. Ideal for after training or to keep your course tidy. Make sure your horse looks and feels good at your next big show - with this large range of horse radiators and showcover from Schneiders.

Available in many appealing designs, forms and colours, these high performance horse chillers are also available at unbeatably low cost so you can meet your budgets. The horse show cooler and cover provides excellent humidity transport capabilities to help keep the perspiration absorbed after workout or when leaving the tournament ring.

In addition, they provide optimum cover and light comfort so that they can be used all year round. After a strenuous training session, these multi-purpose sheet is ideal for throwing onto your horse or to keep his fur and manes in between. Everything from quadratic and contours radiators and coverings, which can be carried after a swim or training with their polarfleece or woollen mixes, quarters made of polarfleece, a woollen mix or a watertight equestrian mat.

Whatever your choice, you can be sure that it is available in a wide range of different styles to perfectly adapt your horse and a wide range of colours to suit the remainder of your equipment. Wherever you want to use these horse radiators (or whether you are planning to use them for more than one purpose), Schneiders has a wide range of multi-purpose radiators that are sure to meet your needs.

You can also easily customise these pages with your own stitching and other detailing, making them ideal for your clubs' accolades and other occasions.

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