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It is a scene of horse dealers at a sale, painted in thick blocks of flat paint. A group of concerned British horse owners have set up this page to share their experiences with dealers as a warning to others. This is SG Equine Horse Dealers Exposed. People who work as horse traders - tame, breed, breed, keep or sell horses. I' ve bought from dealers three times and had three beautiful horses.

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Mr Ali came with new footwear supplied by professionals who were very keen to ensure a quiet trip for their load. All that Gerty has described is Ali. There' s no problem ironing, a smooth lips, going forward, but reacting to your legs and your seats - a fun to be sitting and a time to have.

Following the counsel of Gerty for five consecutive day, Ali has been trained outdoors and in the great outdoors, and has jumped alone and in society on the streets and across the state. It' ll be just non-professional pre-newbies but Gerty and her crew have given her a sure and confident upbringing.

and I wish her continued prosperity. There is nowhere else I would look for a horse. Listening to what you're looking for, taking notice of your skills and providing the right horse for the joy-jock. I' m almost 60 and I know when I can put my confidence and my appreciation in someone, and that's what I say to him.

Dealer and veterinarian imprisoned for the sale of hazardous horses to homes and gardens.

They were arrested for having sold sick and slow moving animals to parents whose kids wanted to train to be ridden. The horsemen Aniela Jurecka, Charlotte Johnson and David Smith have betrayed 17 horsemen and made great gains, while their sacrifices - among them small kids - were in danger.

You erroneously described a bangs that you were selling to a mother and father as a "babysitter on four legs", but the pet then unscrewed as it was rode by the buyer's 10-year-old girl. Jurecka and Johnson were told during the process that they were promoting horse for sales in equitation magazines. Smith of the Lakeview Veterinary Center in Capel Le Ferne, Kent, would then give the ponies a tidy medical certificate and the sacrifice would buy an inferior horse.

On many occasions the red tape for the horse was changed. They were marketed by Jurecka and Johnson under the company name SE and Mid Kent Horse and marketed by Duckhurst Farm, Staplehurst, and Great Thorn Farm, Marden, both in Kent. One man saw the advertisement for Belle, an Icelandic sport horse, who was promoting the filly as active and spirited.

But after the man purchased the horse, it started to develop behavioral issues and was paralyzed. But after a few short get-togethers the bangs started to develop behavioral issues and disappeared with his 10-year-old jockey. In one case, a lady couldn't run for a year after she was tossed off her horse. Later it turned out that the pet had serious back pain, which made it unfit for the activity for which Smith had existed.

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