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South-East Horse Dealer

Throughout her life Gerty has been busy with Irish sport horses. Who can recommend dealers with whom they have had good experiences? "'I'm not a horse trader,' she says. It' one of the biggest in the southeast. Our track record in selling quality horses is excellent.

Mountains & Moorland

We proudly offer our clients a horse exactly as described and will only be sold as "hunted" if we have either been hunting it ourselves or have seen it in person on the hunting ground. Unless otherwise indicated, all of our ponies will be able to perform in their specified discipline and can be seen and tried out at work.

The veterinarian, the trainer and the examination are at the disposal of all our clients. Have fun rummaging and horse-drawing!

Sales Horse in the Southeast

Oh, Sally, a big 15. Sally' is used for chopping..... Oh, Sally, a big 15. Sally' is used for chopping..... SJ and XC activity in Ireland and he has made a good leap, but he is very..... She is a very good Irishwoman with very good breed.

She is a really nice little filly, who rode and bounced at tournaments and is used for the Pony-Club..... Oh, Sally, a big 15. Sally' is used for chopping.....


We sell high class icelandic and Connemara pony with extraordinary temper, great looks, charming manner and posses. We have carefully selected, tried and proven our horse and pony breed from our main supplier in South-Ireland. She is a great filly, good to manage and maintain, good to fight, to boot, to clip on and to capture.

Well hacked, alone and in society and has seen himself well with all intercourse until today. It is a course on one meter and the images of the jump are 1,25. She is a very well breeded breed of Ireland Sports Horse, sire Mermus R, Dam Treasure Chest, Dam Sire, Treasure Z. She has a great temper and works in a constant routine, will do a nice test.

A princess has a very good show jumper, she has 14 points at 80 to 1 meter, but jumps 120 at home and has often proved to be very straight. It was good to fight, to shoes, to catch, and we were said to cut well.

She' s very good alone and in society and has seen very well with all intercourse until today. He has a proved show jumper and willing, either equestrian or B. E. This is a great looking Irish Draught with Sire Mountain Pearl, Dam Split Rock Lass paper.

Working in a beautiful, simple 3-step outlines, she enjoys show jumps as well as off-road, she has competed in many events and has competed up to 110 centimetres in events that have proven to be cautious, sincere and have won hunting and hunting events in Ireland. She' s good to grab, boot, boxing, and good out chopping clips alone and in society and has been very well seen with all intercourse until today.

It' a horse with this kind of expertise that's difficult to find. Irish x Conny (no breed in the passport). Baer has hunted with the Conna Harriers in Ireland on a regular basis, which has proved to be very straightforward and a great fighter. Work is a contour, a very sincere horse that can jump both in and outdoors.

Beautifully hacked out alone and in society and was seen with all kinds of intercourse, until today very well. It' good to fight, shoes, clips and catches. He has the most beautiful temper and is a very willing and friendly horse, a guy who is difficult to find. He is a well breeded Irishworthy Sports Horse IDXTB father Tayari, Dam Bonavilla Jackpot, DamSire Huntingfield Rebel.

He is very sincere and cautious, both about colored sticks and about the terrain. He was very sincere and leapt over everything he was asked for with aplomb. The hackers were good out alone and in society and was very well seen with all transport until today.

Nice to boxing shoeclip and capture. He' a super-musty horse who wants to please. Great looking Irish Draught x TB works in a great outlines and has 3 fluent steps, Girlie is thrilled and likes to prove her show jumper sincere and cautious, she is well trained cross-country and has been alone and chopped into society and has been very well seen in all transport until today.

Great for shoes, boxes, clips and muzzle. She has a great personality and likes to be noticed. Once you have tried and tried a horse or barnacle that fits you, a £250 security bond (which will be refunded in the event of a veterinarian's examination being negative) (the security bond is only for 1 week) is due and full settlement should be made after you have successfully completed the examination, but within 24h at the latest, or the horse or barnacle can be put back on the market.

As soon as the pet has been inspected, it is considered to be permanently for sale, but an replacement for a horse or bangs of equal value (subject to availability) may be made within thirty working nights from the date of inspection if your sale is not as described on the website. At the end of this period we resell your horse or bangs on a sales base.

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