Horse Driving Harness

Driving gear for horses

Available as complete harness in chest collar style (picture) or in collar style with black farms. Harness made of leather: Driving, horse-drawn It' s got a big headband in shiny white patent colour! Most miniature and Shetland pony riders should match it. As a rule, this variable matches the "A" mini. ?

?????? It should also suit most miniature pony and Shetland pony. As a rule, this variable is suitable for both mini A and mini A. There are patent toned blinkers on them and the headband and nosebands as well as small ornamental rose heart flaps.

This should match most minature and Shetland ponyes. As a rule, this variable matches the "B"..... Tough-1 Show Scottish Driving Harness. Lovely quality black suede driving stained. A harness for a MINI-sized horse. This is a classy, inexpensive harness for 14 to 16-handers.

Cob / Small Horse Sizing - let us know and we will do our best to help! Leader World Wide Inc***Full/Horse Presentation Horse Nylon Presentation Harness~Patent Brown! The world' leading presentation harness for full/horse sizes in lacquer brown! These wonderful harness is made of extremely strong supersuede. Equestrian height. Equipped with varnished suede venetian blind and back strap, 5/8" speaker loops bridge, with golden polishing hardware and.....

The long belt seems to run around the horse's stomach and the two cushioned parts are on the horse's shoulder. This 2 1/2" flexig bike has 3/4" sticks. Manufactured from high-quality harness skin with brassy trim. There are blinders made of pat. Let us know and we will do our best.....

This is our Leader s Worldwide full/horse sized harness for show. Made of black or dark leathers let us know and we will do our best to help you! Driving Headstall with brass hardware. Horse Harness Driving Headstall Blinders . Real black genuine cowhide leathers.

AMISH Show or Pleasure harness for your donkey and your small horse! Minature horse, donkey or mule. Upholstered 2.5" width and with a smooth back. Harness for horses. These harnesses are horse-sized, for a lone horse. Small Horse / Small Pony harness.

SHOWING DABBED COWHIDE HARNESS. MINIATURPERS. FABRIC CARBAG NOT SHOWN, BUT INCLUDED IN DELIVERY. INCL. DRIVE CHISEL. Harness Driving Saddle. Saddle circumference 60" longest & 52" shortest. Full Harness bits to 32" longest & 28" shortest. It' called Drafts Horse Tack. Requires a thorough cleaning and polishing, leathers need a state.

nut - 36" seatbelt - 12" ring buckle - 36" buckle - 35" tailbelt - 16" tailbelt - 46" breastplate 33". SEAT - 45 " SEAT BELT - 18" LOCKING RING FOR RING -46" BRE..... Horse Reins Spreader Separator Leather Harness 18" Vintage Pair Draft Team Horse Reins for use or decor.

Horse Reins Spreader Separator Leather Harness 11" Vintage Pair Draft Team Horse Reins for use or decor.

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