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We have everything you need, from harnesses and bridles to whips and the carts themselves. Retractors are the means by which a rider or driver transmits direction commands to the head of the horse. As a small company, it has developed into a company that serves the traction and driving horse industry worldwide. Driver, horse, vehicle and harness are together. The Driving Your Love of the Outdoors weiter.

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The San Antonio Rose Palace has been hosting a variety of occidental life-style shows for over 40 years, from horse shows in various disciplines to rodeo and circus shows to the most beloved of all, the George Strait Team Roping Classic. FP3 Management, which recently took the opportunity to manage this iconic institution, was recently notified that the owner has agreed to shut the door on August 1, 2018.

Thanks for your respect for our timeframe during this transitional period as we work to attend our last meetings this months and to shut down the facilities. Acknowledging our committed team who have worked under the Rose Palace brand:...we will always honour our memory at the San Antonio Rose Palace.

Little Pony BLAACK LATHER harness trackers

Beautiful TRACKER Small Leather Small Leather Small Ballroom. These harnesses should be 30-36 inch and 300-450lbs. Bridles, without teeth, are painted with nickel fittings and clasps. Upholstered seat. It consists of headpiece with over-check, yoke, cushioned chest neck, reins, towing tractors, breeches and cruppers.

The fittings and clasps are nickel-plated, the leathers are thick and supple. With the exception of the teeth, this belt is completely. The driving lanes are dark. That' a genuine high-class tableware. For all parades, partys and contests wear your new harnesses.

Driving fun for draught horses and coach rides.

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chiffney bit, straight mouth bit Sometimes also known as the anti-wear bit. CHIFFNEY BIT chiffney bit. For greater monitoring when exercising youngsters.

CHIFFNEY Portated bits CHIFNEY bits. For greater monitoring when exercising youngsters. Driving bits with link side pull bits. Circular cheekbones are known for their capacity to keep a horse upright, they must lie close.....

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