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The Horse_ebooks was a widespread Twitter account and Internet phenomenon. Horse_ebooks is the companion Twitter account for, an e-book shop that is part of the e-Library Network. That is the story of Horse_ebooks, the beloved online machine, and how I tracked down its human master. The Horse_ebooks is a Twitter spam bot originally created to promote horse-ebooks.

com, an online store for horse-themed e-books with a retro design in equal parts GeoCities and MySpace.

E-Books on horses (

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2 ][3][4] The Twitter user has not been up-dated since. Horse_ebooks was officially launched on September 24, 2013, as part of a multi-year collaborative effort by Buzzfeed staff member Jacob Bakkila. In 2011 Bakkila turned to Kuznetsov to buy the bank and Kouznetzov approved, and since 2011 Horse_ebooks have been run by Bakkila.

4 ][9] This shift was noted by the account's supporters when the bank started to tweet "via web" instead of "via Horse ebooks" on September 14, 2011, and the incidence of ClickBank's advertising tiles decreased significantly as the number of "funny" tiles grew. Many supporters were speculating that either the spamming algorithms had been altered or that the identity of the user had been taken over by someone else, possibly a computer hacker who had obtained the user's name.

On the same date, Bakkila unveiled the feeder as a counterfeit, he and others who helped to contribute to the artwork appeared in an artwork install where supporters could log in and have various horse book sweets recited to them. Bakkila quit twittering on the bank accounts after the announcements. Hop up to: a y a y d y Jenna Wortham (January 6, 2012).

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