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Sandy Ransford's The Kingfisher Illustrated Horse & Pony Encyclopedia is a fantastic gift for children who dream of having their own horse or pony. A horse is a mammal that humans have valued for thousands of years. Kingfisher Illustrated Horse & Pony Encyclopedia is a fantastic gift for children who dream of having their own horse or pony.

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Ransford has over 30 childrens literature in her honor. This includes horse and horse ride magazines, dog magazines, children's fashions and nature protection - as well as many activities, games and riddle guides. Has authored all Kingfisher Equestrian Club booklets - First Equestrian Lessons, Horse & Ponies, Horse & Pony Breeds, and Horse & Pony Care - and Horse & Pony Factfile.


Red List Status: ? horse and man have an old relation. Asiatic nomads probably tamed the first domestic mounted horse some 4,000 years ago, and the animal was indispensable to many society until the appearance of the motor. Equestrian sports still have a place of honour in many civilizations, which is often associated with warlike deeds.

There' s only one type of house horse, but about 400 different races that specialise in everything from hauling cars to running. Every horse is a grazing animal. Whilst most donkeys are at home, others stay mad. Wilde Pferde are the descendants of once domesticated creatures that have been loose for generation after generation. There are groups of such stallions in many places all over the globe.

Free wandering N. America mustsangs, for example, are the descendants of equines that Europeans imported more than 400 years ago. As a rule, young packs of 3 to 20 head are formed. The group is led by a colt (mature male) who is made up of broodmares (females) and young offspring. Stallions then wander around with other young men until they can collect their own group of female offspring.

Przewalski's horse is the only truly ferocious horse whose forefathers were never tamed. Przewalski's last feral horse was seen in Mongolia in 1968. Horse "lock" their feet to prevent collapse while they sleep upright. Horse and other equine animals feed all the time because their alimentary system is not effective. Horse carry their weights on a unique spot on each leg.

Mongolia is home to the only surviving type of game horse in the canteen. About half of all free running US dressage mounts are based in Nevada. is the descendant of a feminine horse and a masculine ass. The pony is one of several horse races that are less than 56.8-inch high.

Masculine horse fillies are referred to as Colts. This horse came from North America and travelled over the Bering country road to Eurasia.

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