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Extend your horse's performance with a wide range of products for horse health. Browse our extensive catalogue and give your horse the best. Horse Products This is a great area to find horse products that will help you keep your horse beautiful, well trained, happy and comfortable. Equine supplements scientifically developed by leading horse nutritionists to meet the individual needs of your horse. A wonderful product that keeps our horses in shape.

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We are constantly introducing new horse products - from food additives and dressings to skin and horse delicatessen. Have a look at our many difficult to find articles or get in touch with us and let us know what you are looking for so that we can add it to our range in the future:

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The veterinary formulated to help maintain all aspects of the horse's healthy and powerful functions, as well as its..... The strongest articulation supporting formulation of our range of products combine a whole horse spa formulation with extensive articulation supporting. Horse bowel heath is not only important for good bowel function, but also for immune function, as it is thought that 70-80% of the..... Free with qualified order.

The Platinum Colic Coverage website Coverage of Platinum Colic Coverage provides veterinarian spa treatments with the right diet for a healthy horse. Qualification formulae are available in Platinum PAHs® or pails (one per horse). "With Wings, my top horse, is one of the best Grand Prix ponies in the whole wide range and a unique horse for me.

A few years ago I was looking for the perfect supplement for my horse. After researching and talking to my veterinarians and coaches, it was clear that platinum is the best option." The NCHA Hall Of Fame Inductee, NCHA Super Stakes Open Champion, "Every year we compete our future ponies on platinum and I am always surprised how good they look and touch.

In the past, our three-year-olds have always lost body mass and now that we use platinum, they remain fit and tonic. and they' re gonna be eating it right out of your hands." Bowel wellbeing is important for good intestinal transit, but it is also associated with immune system, metabolic, gastrointestinal and more.

Personalised Platinum-PAKs are a comfortable way to administer horse fillings in day-dose. Individual PAHs can be made with the vitamin, micronutrients, antioxidants or extra foot and ankle supports your horse needs. Several PAHs contain free of charge PGP Coverage? for more security. Learn about horse healthcare and feeding, as well as horse treatment and preparing youngsters to sell them.

In addition, there are reports about student horse programmes, the rebirth of the show fighter and a former NFL member who takes up a new challange of the Pro-Rodeo.

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