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The Horse Store, based in Calgary Alberta and its parent company Fairplay Stores, has become an integral part of the city's cultural heritage. Felt Calgary upholstery with crocodile embossed leather. The Calgary Pressure Ease felt pad - shaped. NEU Calgary Dakota Western felt pad.

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Kroetch is a master saddler who has traveled extensively throughout North America, Europe and Asia, leading courses and lecturing on the correct adjustment of Saddles. He is known for being able to accommodate even the most demanding horse, and his speciality is in his capacity to help those who get pains from their current rides.

Dan was asked, in collaboration with the Academy Bartels, to participate in a 15-month survey with Utrecht Veterinary University in the Netherlands on how poorly seated saddles impact horse movements. When Danny thinks it's important to involve the Circle of Influence when adapting a horse and horse nut.

Just like a chariot gear, the sphere of action consists of a series of supportive "spokes", each of which acts as an impact on the horse's well-being; riders, trainers, veterinarians, blacksmiths, saddlers and non-medical professionals such as massagers, physiotherapists and activists. If Danny adapts a seat to a horse-rider couple, he must make sure that there are no other areas that can interfere with the horse's capacity to do its work.

Danny Kroetch is a saddler champion who tours North America, Europe and Asia making top horse and rider saddles. Kroetch is a professional saddler who has been working for many years in the field of horse saddling. In the 2004 Olympic Games, three horsemen from two different nations took part in his DK Freedom saddle. Meette Rosencrantz won the $25,000 Grand Prix Invitational in Basquewille on a DK Freedom seat at the Las Vegas World Cup on April 20, 2007.

Currently Danny is leading a major research project on seat seats at the University of Utrecht in Holland and is now the only seat maker ever to have been featured in the Veterinary Journal. Check out our calipers to see how they work and you and your horse will know the differences!

Combining our unrivalled ventilation system with an expandable boom and the longest boom points on the planet, it provides unparalleled levels of riding pleasure for you and your horse. And I could see that everyone was skeptical and I really didn't think I could sense such a distinction. Enjoying my work every single workingday I had learned to cope with the gnawing complaints of a backpack.

And I was always most happy with the right turns and although I felt her pull to the right, I somehow thought it felt like my shoulders were jammed. I' m not sure why it's a big thing, but what's a big thing for me is that I don't hurt anymore and I don't really get feeling more fit and strong than ever!

Best of all, when the seat starts feeling like a little Holly, she just yells DK and they come and "bing bang" it again just changes it in place! Each horse should have a DK! The first time I tried DK calipers, I looked at him with skepticism and tried to see whether there really was a real difference between them and all the other calipers on the shelves.

On my first trip it took 10 min to really notice a change in my horse, and last year I can safely say that these first few days of release and liberty have only increased and developed into more fluent movements and happier ponies. I' ve tried innumerable tacks and even thought about giving up and just driving in a barback pod (I was THAT desperate) when my coach basically compelled me to drive in their DK about 5 month ago.

She said I didn't want to try it because I couldn't buy another one. Finally, I was currently a sponsor horse in a full CWD dressage arena 6 months old. Having fought her way through a class and just about to take the bridle in her hand, she went and packed her seat.

By the time I could get into it, it was an instant change of pace. which is what I call "Crotch Busters "... you know what I'm talkin' about. It is the ONLY seat I have ever driven in, where I can say with confidence that it is NOT a step breaker and that it suits me so well that I can hardly wind my brains around it.

Every 6+ days I can go horseback riding and am as happy as before the first horse of the morning. Can' t thank Danny and his crew enough for making this great seat for us, not to speak of his help in adjusting the seat and setting it up with padding and a brandnew harness.

You do yourselves a favour and get on the plane! I wouldn't be here without her physical removal of my former seat and force me into her bondage! Recently I made a move (back) to DK Saddles which led to such a beneficial shift in my horse and my rider that I would like to divide my experiences.

I should say that I have ridden in the DK with my Donagna in my early riding years, but over the years I have tried a wide range of different riding style and brand, but I have recently come to a point where I have had so many back issues with my horse and myself riding,

only this last ridge was left to give me the subtle feel and refinement in my fit, so I started exploring other saddle variations and I actually came to the circuit and ride all my horse back in DK and my horse and I couldn't be more happy!

The most important thing is the different I find with my horse that the DK calipers work with compressed oxygen and not with the usual yarn most calipers are made of. It makes an unbelievable distinction in how the nut brings the horse's muscle back to breathing. By adapting to the horse's back contour, the system also works with the horse's back during movement, giving the horse's back muscle room to move.

One very clear sign of this is the differences I saw in my Olympia mountain orient. Because of years of incorrect mounting of the calipers, orient has an extreme delicate area at the back, and since I ride orient in the DK calipers, my War Up has dramatically altered. I took a while for I worked the crotch of orienton with patience to urge him to lean in the chest and finally to cross the back and reach into touch now that the back of my DK nut is no longer choked and he immediately felt at ease using his top line muscle to its full length and stretching free in it.

What I see in my sitting and in the efficiency as a driver is also really impressing. It' s really astonishing how the DK calipers have really been helping to get more precision into my workout. Due to the single lobe construction, I have a much narrower connection to the horse's spine cages, so that I have more immediate interaction with the horse and can immediately sense the response his physique gives me.

It also works the other way round, because the horse pays much more attention to my tools, because the pads allow the horse to sense my tools on a much smaller and finer level. This is the aim of all our everyday work, that we can educate our horse to perform the dancing through the movement of training with only one fine guide.

However, to accomplish this we also need the right equipment and I can really say that the DK-Saddles have allowed me to take my education and my horse back to another standard. Following a trip to my horse's clinic by a trained horse doctor, I learned that it was because his back was straining him.

I tried a DK semitrailer in early 2009. My osteopath was back after a months of using only the nut on my horse and couldn't believe the differences in his back. As my DK nut underwent some adjustments, I went back to my old nut and immediately he started having back trouble again.

Couldn't wait to get my DK drum nut back. It is a great sensation when you know that your horse feels good on him in the saddle, and I am also happy to know that I have a high-quality seat under me!

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