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This is SmartPak Tack, Equipment & Supplies. Hold your Mini well equipped with our robust miniature tackle line. Hold your Mini well equipped with our robust miniature tackle line.


It has always been to provide our clients with all their needs, from the sales of equipment and parts to the coordination of global sourcing. Situated in the heart of the New York/New Jersey subway area, we are easily accessible from seaports and major airport locations for trucks, preparations for shipment, equipment preparations for exports, including disassembly and attachment to open top container or racking, transport and doc.

With our equipment handling systems, which allow us to ship a large amount of equipment to all regions of the globe, which equipment you want to buy, we offer you our expert, personal and personal services.

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PRODuCTS SPOTLIGHT: The Fresh restended lifetime close system is now available on Weaver Leather Leafmasks. We' re very pleased to present the most advanced flying goggle on the world. They are equipped with the first spare hook and loop fastener, which is suitable for applying insect repellent to better prevent your horse from parasites.

There are also many different types and dimensions of flying mask. Visit to test them and other RES brand related product now available through Weaver with the use of the Extended Lifeclose System.

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Originally from Nebraska, he was borne in 1923 and was a smart and curious man from the very beginning. At the age of four, he followed his brethren to the rural schools they were attending. He was 13 years old when his dad passed away; he and his two older brethren took over and ran the business and worked 160 Morgen with horse-drawn carriages.

One year later, at the tender age of 14, Marvin's modelling estate won first place at the Nebraska State Fair, a award he won three years in a row. Returning to the business in 1945, he came back with new concepts to transform their tradition of cultivation. When Marvin and his brother saw bulldozer in the army, they bought a D-7 Caterpillar.

The number of hectares that he and his brethren could plough in one single working days rose drastically.

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