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West-Horsewear - Gifts - Stable - Clothing - New - Sale - Fly control. The Pennsylvania Equestrian specializes in Pennsylvania Equestrian Newspaper PA Horse News Mid-Atlantic Equestrian Pennsylvania Horse Industry. The Horse Fly Equine and Equipment business had a humble beginning in 1984, when it was established by Jerry and Roberta Reher and their subsidiary Bernette.

The Horse Fly Equine and Equipment company had a humble start in 1984, when it was established by Jerry and Roberta Reher and their subsidiary Bernette. During 2007, Bernette took over the company together with her husbands Jay, hoping to continue to offer high value horse equipment and westerns at affordable rates.

Today, Jay and Bernette have the same expectations as Bernette's family when Horse Fly started - whether you're in the head office in Whitehall, visit one of their secluded places at numerous raping and rockeo races around the nation, or shop from the convenience of your home on their website.

The Horse Fly range includes high class horse equipment, riding equipment, riding equipment, saddle, team rope, crew rope accessories, leg rope, rod accessories, westerns hat, crew rope dolls, west western catwalk and more... and the best possible services and prizes. Sellers of Horse Fly Equine and Equpment are: Cactus roses, Fastback roses, Cactus Saddlery, Barstow Pro-Rodeo Equipment, Heel-o-matic Training Systems, Smart Ropping, Equine Teams, Reinsman Equestrian Products, Bailey Hat, Tin Haul boo, Boulet boot, Short Go Applel, Silver Lining Herbs and many other prestigious names in the West markets.

With a close connection to rodeos and modern lifestyle, Jay and Bernette and her families are committed to keeping abreast of what's new in the business to better service their clients.

You' ll go head over heels for 5 designer hardware headpieces!

At Weaver Leather we know that having a good timepiece with your horse is precious. Weaver wants you to be sure of the calibre of your turn, whether you are getting ready for a long days on the track, a horseback riding trip on the track or preparation for your next race. Weaver Leather's design headpieces give you something else, a whole host of personality.

You can make a message with nice details that express your personalities without compromising upon qualitiy and longevity. Weaver' designers transform inspirations into innovations with unique look and feel for your unique piece of work. They go beyond the first sketches to the final piece of equipment to give your stacks just the right touch.

Featuring stainless steel headpieces that are also suitable for harsh environments, these breathtaking headpieces combine with high-quality pink suede leathers immersed in oils, covered with saddled butters, and grated by the hands to achieve the final result in terms of power and aesthetics. Death to the horse business, Weaver is rooted in the horse business. The production of top qualitiy from the best material is a proud that has been handed down for over 45 years!

Weaver has become a leader in delivering value to our customers through our commitment to product excellence, services, partnerships, training and more! Have a look at the nice collection of Weaver Leather's design headpieces below and go to to see even more high-end equipment!

Every Designer Buckle Style is available in Slim Browband, Straight Browband, Split Browband, Split Browband and Split Styl. You can find these great items at a Weaver leather merchant or on-line store,

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