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Taking care of a horse is a serious commitment, and Dover has the horse care products you need. Expect horses to appear in many of the things we make. It is a jubilant occasion for all horse lovers in the Middle East. Buy our bargain prices for horse training equipment. Their local online tack shop.

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These beginnings have given rise to a multitude of horse races, from the smallest of Falabellas to the biggest of Sire. In spite of the large selection, the world' s equestrians and the pony are the same. Here at Totally Tock we have a large selection of equine sports equipment to ensure that the horse and pony are in good health and happiness in our life; from vitamin to carpet, we have everything to take in.

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Initially, the main focus of the firm was the sale of health care for horses, and although this is still an important pillar of the firm's operations, we have strongly expanded over the last 20 years. Today the enterprise is the prominent expert for horse health care prodcuts. Our relationship with our affiliate TRM, one of the biggest manufacturers of equity health care equipment worldwide, as well as a number of major agents such as Equipment UK Ltd, Turfmasters, Robinsoncare, W.F. Young, Blue Chip, Barrier Hygiene, Bimeda and many others.

Take a look at our complete offer of horse equipment. With us you get everything from one source. We are well known for our wide choice of riding and stables equipment. The one-stop-shop for beginner horse riding and advanced horse-riding.

Have a look at our wide selection of equestrian equipment, including breeches and breeches, crash protection, horse boots, leisurewear and much more. We offer a wide variety of barn equipment of the best possible standard on the whole barn floor.

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Fabrics - Waterproof and breatheable outside fabric with anti-pill fleeces. Woven fabric padded waffles with external humidity control technologies. Properties - Our wafer... Woven - High-quality, double-bonded anti-pilling non-woven. Properties - Classic fit, dual fit..... Cloth - Made with a single layer of polyamide. Fibre filled lined with fibre. Characteristics - Classic cutting style. Constructed with front flaps, ....

Horseware's Amigo Hero ACY All-In-One is your horse's name. 600D water resistant and air permeable polyesters. Fibre -filled carpeting.

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