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If you play it through, you'll get to Ancient Saddle and Ancient Bridle, two upgrades for your horse. Ancient Horse Rumors is a side quest from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It' exclusively available for The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack. Former ex ex ex horse page with past performances, results, pedigree, photos and videos. Exact Ex Ex Ex horse evaluation and status.

Exp érience EX écient Horse Rumors - La légende de Zelda : Le souffle du wiki sauvage Anleitung

Ancient Horse Rumors est une des quêtes secondaires du DLC dans The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild. Quest is situated in Highland Stable, in the Lake Region in the southeast of the Lake Tower. When you complete this quest, you will release the old bridle and saddle.

Drive to Highland Station near the Ka'o Makagh shrine in the Southern Lake region between Lake Tower and Faron Tower. There is a new magazine in the barn - Super Rumor Mill EX: Volumen 3. An old bridle that can accelerate your horse's pace and transport it from anywhere on the card.

where a horse ghost lives." and the Malanya source - the well of the horse god. For the bridles, drive to Satori Mount, just south of Hyrule Ridge in the Ridgeland region, near the summit of Mogg Latan Shrine.

You' ll find the old bridle at the foot of the big trees on the top of Satori Mountain - look for the characteristic rose petals that decorate the trees and enclose the soil. In order to preserve the horse backgauge, make your way to the mountain south of the highland stable, either over the long street or over the hill south to the lake of the horse god and over the Malanya spring viaduct.

In order to fit out the Antique Braid and the Antique Nut, you must talk to a stable worker who is in various stalls - like Phanna at the Highland Stable. When the horse has a maximal creditworthiness, you can change the harness and nut. Reins increase a horse's ability - and increase endurance by two extra spies, while the nut can be used to transport the horse to you no matter where it is on the card.

Please be aware that, due to its natural beauty, you cannot exchange equipment with Epona or the Giant Horse, although the Royal White Stallion can be individually adapted, giving it a full 7 spores!

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