Horse Exercise Boots

Trainingboots for horses

Conceived for soft, flexible protection and support during training. Back on Track training boots are an excellent choice to prevent injuries to your horse's tendons, joints and ligaments. "Les bottes d'exercice thérapeutique Back on Track utilisent...

Riding boots, wraps and caps

Up to boots, wrap and chap? It can be quite a confusion to find the right boots. Please ask the horse to work in a way that they would not work in the wilderness - tougher, in different ways, with more repetitions, on the surface, with a certain amount of heavy equipment, with slipper. Therefore, we must protect them from injuries caused by outside influences, self-inflicted damage and stress-related issues.

Boots, compresses and supports are carried to prevent the horse's feet from being injured by brushes, blows, abrasions, overlapping, intrusion and shocks. However, the use of boots and supports can itself lead to issues associated with warmth and hydration, restricted mobility or circulation or excessive weights on the leggth.

In order to minimize the risks, boots should be selected not only for the level of comfort and comfort they offer, but also for the degree to which they keep the legs chill. The use of advanced breathability materials in combination with a meticulous shoe structure and workmanship make this possible. The addition of small quantities of weights at the end of the legs in the shape of a boots increase the strain that the horse has to put on in order to move.

Weariness can cause injury from fatigue if a heavier boots or boots hold back excess fluid or damp. Whenever possible, you should select a light boots that is pleasant for the horse to use. When boots are made of rigid materials or fit too closely, they have the ability to limit the motion of the joints.

Boots, compresses or supports should be supple and not fit too tight. What to carry and when to carry HORSE BOOTS, CHAPS and more.... Conceived for smooth, felxible cover and assistance during training. Combination of the comfort of a boots and the assistance of a training group. Provides flexibility that adapts precisely to the horse's leg contour and allows full mobility.

The caps cover the ankle, coronal ligament and delicate calcaneal area to give additional security to these area. There are 3 different options to select the best one for your horse: Equi-Chaps Close Touch Chips - Robust yet breatheable switch Caps to avoid siltation. The boots are available for every sport, from amateurs to professionals.

Excellent unrestricted coverage. The Tri-Zone All Sport Boots - A sturdy and all-round boots, ideal for various events. A high-strength athletic shoe specially developed for high-performance sport. Characteristics and advantages Provides smooth and unrestricted assistance. Breathable exercise pads with four-way stretching and "Cool Space" liners.

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