Horse Exerciser

Equine training apparatus

We all know that a well-conditioned horse performs better, behaves better and is less susceptible to injury. Equestrian owners are provided with first-class training and rehabilitation equipment designed for longevity. Keep your horse in best condition and performance. Maintain your horse in the best possible shape and shape. The user can programme up to 15 different procedures, each procedure allows 12 different stages, each stage has a velocity and a sense.

The device allows one individual to train up to eight ponies at the same moment. Build your own experience according to your horse's size, physical shape and physical state.

Make sure that your horse receives top condition and optimal condition. Velocity: Up to 20 km/h. Movement is crucial for the horse's bodily growth and wellbeing. Frequent, organized training routines promote the correct growth of bone, sinews and tendon and ligament, increase endurance and cardiac functions and give the horse an opportunity for regaining his or her strength, especially when they are in the stable for long periods of time.

About the Ultraciser Horse Exerciser With the same love of detail, we have made the Ultraciser your first selection for freewheel horseworkers. Every single piece is manufactured according to your wishes, from 4 - 8 horse and 45' to 80' diameters. 1/2? Stainless steal turret manufactured from 1/2 tubular steal.

"2 "2" x 3" and 2" x 4" mild steal is used for all cross beams. 36 " fully heat-sealed 3/8" tubular steal socket. 26 " pivot plate bearings are located between turret and pedestal.

Worlds Most Advance Horse Walker

Everyone knows that a well-conditioned horse is better performing, behaving better and less susceptible to injuries. But even a small group of youngsters can be kept well prepared. Today it is difficult to find the timeframe to give your horse the movement they need every day, and it is expensive and dangerous to hire someone to do it.

It can be a real challange to find someone to train your horse without having to teach them poor manners. A good horse exerciser is therefore the most secure, inexpensive and convenient way. Practically maintenance-free, secure, appealing, durable and offering more possibilities and advantages than any other type of walkman, all at a small part of the costs if you hire someone to keep your horse in shape.

The only thing that is more dependable than a Priefert Walker is the business that is behind it. Priefert has been leading and revolutionising the livestock and horse industry for over 50 years with a wide range of long-lasting, groundbreaking and above all safer for people and animals.

Pristine is used and supported by leading horse and cow processors worldwide and by tens of organisations such as PBR, USTRC, and many others. In the same spirit, Prierfert is proud to offer you the most progressive line of conditioners on the modern machine toolbox.

Priefert familiy tests and uses every single products before they share them with their global team. That is why we say: "Priefert is constructed by cattle breeders, for cattle breeders". Priest is America's number one in farming, ranching and rodeos.......

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