Horse facts and information

Facts and information about the horse

An integrated taxonomic information system, the taxonomy of the horse is as follows:. The male horse is called a stallion and the female horse is a mare. The names of young horses vary - a young man is called a colt and the young females are foals. After only a few hours after birth, baby horses can already walk and run. Here you will find all the information about horses you are looking for.

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Here you will find all the information about our horse you are looking for. Astonishing facts, mad horse colours and the name of these little things that live on the inside of a horse's legs! Colours of horse in abundance with images! Equine Identification - Experience the differences between a socket and a hosiery and how it can rescue a horse!

Species of Horse - The 5 main species of horse defines. Find out the differences between warmbloods, hotshots, gangsters and so on. Horse facts - Find funny and intriguing facts about horse behaviour, record keeping and horse story. The horse myth destroyed! Did you fall for one of those horse mystics?

Do you know that the United States has an estimate of 9.5 million horse? This is more than any other nation in the whole wide fucking wide open sky! You know which state has the most horse? In the state of Texas alone, there are almost a million of them. That' almost as many stallions as all over Russia.

There are only 2 million horse owners in the USA. You ask every horse man and he will tell you that a horse is addictive and one is never enough. Whereas most stallions reside in smaller villages throughout the countryside, many reside in sheds in larger villages. Approximately 60% of all horse are kept on pasture, the other 40% are stable inhabitants.

Arab horse has the biggest nose holes of all horse breeds. Sadly, 70% of all stallions sent for butchering are Quarter Horse between the age of 3 and 10. When you ever buy a horse, consider whether you want to adopt a Rettungspferd. Recall this motto: "Buy don't buy, Adopt don't buy" * What is more certain to buy a car or horse?

Her chances of getting killed in a goddamn automobile crash are 1 in 108. You' ve got a 1 in 70,000 chance of getting yourself killed in a horse crash... I think I'll take the horse! Australia has the biggest wilderness people in the whole wide range. That'?s about the same as all the horse in the state of Oklahoma.

A running horse consumes 1/4 gal of oxigen per second. One racehorse consumes 15 gal of oxigen per minutes during the game. Would you like more information about our horse? Find out more about the popular horse terminology used by riders. Study horse parts with an enchanting fringe called Cherokee.

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