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and we stumbled across a barn that had some great ponies. Healing power of the horse. From Eliza R.L. McGraw.

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After I was compelled to give up my dreams of becoming a body builder, I found out about my work with them. And so I move to another home next to two ponies. Horseman said something that aroused my interest: "Horse will tell us how to be a guide. How much pleasure is it to force a horse to do what you want by causing it pains?

To have a pleasant horse riding holiday for both sides, I wanted to be in feedback. So I began to saddle-free and bite free riding and study everything I could find about the art of riding. I declared to the world in 2001: "I am willing to have my own horse. "During a Cranial Sacral course in Hawaii I had a prophesying vision about my horsehood.

I dreamed of meeting Silver, a grey Arabic horse, and all the other Silver Horse members, our horse rehabilitation centre, which provides a wide range of therapeutic methods, including the use of horse and the natural world. It showed that the flock and I would start a company together, although I had no clue how that would happen.

In the neighbourhood a therapeutical horse farm was opened and I was employed to take good charge of the herd. It took me seven years to be appointed to the position of executive director. I' ve adopted several lifesaving ponies, among them four daughters from the Premarin breed - Ruby, Jackie, Diva and Laydee.

It gave me the necessary know-how to open our own therapeutical farm after my first horse, Silver Horse. During an astrological lecture with Scot Wolfram (who later assisted me in finding the best place for my horse and me), he explained two ascendant asters - one named Silver and the other named Sylvia.

She was a godsdess who had a particular relation to her horse. I lived in Sylvania Lane, where I ran Silver Horse from Sylvania Park. At the same in 2008 with the opening of Silver Horse I completed the Systemic Family Constellation course at Francesca Mason-Boring.

A family constellation includes a systematic research of our ancestors to look for unsolved issues that could be at the root of current issues we are in. I had a good friendship who proposed that I use Constellations in combination with the horse. It was a great pleasure for me to do this outdoor work and I gave the horse the chance to take part in it. Immediately the ponies set to work.

Your visibility works well with those who are scared of a horse and others who are sceptical about the phenomenonological aspect of Constellation's work; how can you use a horse as an argument? Horse are superconscious creatures that are highly responsive to the imbalance within a group. This was the first case of the customer doing this kind of work, and the change that took place was obvious to everyone present.

Softening of the energetic fields when the angels were introduced gave the horse access. Laydee could have contacted several of them, myself included (and I am her owner), but she specifically aimed at the customer she had never seen before and volunteered her affections. The work is inherently regarded as phenomenologically.

Tribal civilizations believe that everything that happens in the natural environment is a microscopic cosmos of universe truth, like impressions of the godly that are mirrored in the bodily state. Outdoor settings in the wild are inviting all of Mother Earth, even the horse and apparently accidental items such as breeze, solar, rainfall, and crash. Pegasus is a horse with red legs.

As in my own personal experiences, a horse has the capacity to journey to and from the spirits, to imagine silver before I meet it. One of his friend's girlfriend loses her horse after she was with him for many years. He came to her in a sleep the next morning and said she had got it.

In her dreams, her horse came back to her and said she had to have another examination. And she did, and this one, the crab was discovered and she could take over. And the counsellor said: "You must go to Silver Horse. It turned out she had many complicated ancestor traumas, and Silver worked with her in this meeting.

It was the ideal channel for this recording. Curing intensive familial trauma is quite common in the work of constellations and ponies are an inestimable help in this work. Horse with their big heart radiates great tins of affection. Everybody will feel better when they are near a horse as long as they are not afraid.

In order for my stallions to be able to support the humans in their recovery, they had to go through a phase of rehab. The horse is unbelievable adaptable and good in the right surroundings. It is very important that they have other horse lovers as companions and a lot of room to move. Never put my ponies in small stables.

You have to get out and go - or be rode if you are a horse that likes to be rode. Tremendously, a horse forms powerful emotions with other animals and humans. It will take a while to adjust to new surroundings, and it will take a lot of perseverance and determination to help them make the move. Premarin broodmares came to Silverses entirely verdant, i.e. they had very little previous riding experiences; they were hardly halters.

I' ve used my polarity therapy abilities - a kind of energetic work - with my ponies to find the response and create a secure area. Relation is the essence of working with the horse without violence. The performance of recovery work with the help of a horse presupposes good spiritual, psychological, emotional and bodily well-being of the horse.

My ponies all have life recollections before they come to me, and by hanging out with them and watching their behaviour, experience from their past becomes visible. Broodmares - Ruby, Jackie, Layee and Diva - all came from the Premarin industries, where it is customary to crush the horse's torso with a piece of equipment and turn it to one side to tune its hoofs, for which they use electric tool.

Apparently I have no evidence and I assume how Jackie acted around these men, which was untypical of them, and the fact that for hundreds of years before the Great War, they were used to war. I never thought I'd live with these magic animals and start a horseshop.

I needed a mental crises to find my way to recovery, to the ponies and to the work we do together at Silver Horse. When you crave a link with the outdoors and are dreaming of a horse, maybe it's a good idea to come and see us at Silver Horse.

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