Horse Farm

equestrian farm

Innumerable expansion and upgrade possibilities for the stables, barns and lodges on your horse farm. Numerous horse breeds, including Arabs, Appaloosas, Clydesdales, Quarter Horse and enchanting Shetland ponies. They may think a horse farm is a horse farm, but it's just not like that. The majority of farms specialise in a particular breed of horse. The most Bluegrass farms are thoroughbred farms that breed and train horses mainly for racing.

Equine farm on steam

Horse Farm will enchant you - a wonderful horse ride for all horse lovers! Create your own horse farm, keep nice looking ponies, spoil your hoof buddies and give your customers a holiday they won't ever get over! Construct cowsheds, barn and lodge. Do captivating horse play and spoil the farm visitors with delicious food and a multitude of recreational horse sports.

They can hold all kinds of horse, from Appaloosas and Quarter Horse to Shetland Ponies, Arabs, Hanoverians and many, many more. The Horse Farm environment is unparalleled and provides endless possibilities to personalize your playing time. Discover the wealth and beauty of the horse shows while you set up your own school.

You begin with the construction of your first barn and the purchase of your first horse. Soon you will do so much more and attract visitors to your horse farm by offering convenient accommodation, tasty meals and cash for day-to-day operations in your sheds. HRSeFARM's sensational set of functions includes:

You can customize your horse stables in detail - much up to fencing, windows and tile can be lacquered in your favourite colours! Multifaceted managerial responsibilities - provide your horse with fresh feed and feed, coach your pets and prepare food for your host. The ranch!

Explore the magical universe of Horse Farm. Create a celestial paradise for horse and horse enthusiasts and administer your horse farm with accuracy and attention. Collect your own ranch horse! HRSeFARM can only be enjoyed on-line. It is not possible to link to Steam from your current browsergame or application account.

  • Sarah Hubbard.

We will show you the horse capital as it should be seen! When you are looking for an experience with a horse, this is a must! It is expected that you will stay with your travel guides for about three hrs to visit horse ranches, the Historic Keeneland Race Course and other local tourist sites.

Each trip will include a ride through Calumet, two farmhouses with a stroll through one of the region's trendy barn and a trip across the Keeneland Race Course. The trips start from several surrounding resorts. This is a full and convenient trip with expert guide. It is our aim to make your stay in the horse capital of the world a part of the great thoroughbred family.

They see post-race riders, mares, weanlings, offspring, and, according to the season, new-born offspring. This is a one-of-a-kind trip in that we give an insight into the day-to-day processes on the farm. They have the possibility to stroll through the barn.

Under the direction of David Leet we really loved our latest riding tour. Being horse breeders, we were struck by his expertise in the horse business, the farm and Keeneland heritage and his home town of Lexington. We' d definitely recommend your trips to anyone who visits Lexington!

And we haven't ceased to talk about how great the trip has been since we left!

I just want to say once again how much we really loved the trip on Tuesday. The" up close" attitude was so much better than the normal touring mobs and your understanding of the whole blood kingdom is impressing. - Only one more comment to say how much we liked the trip on Tuesday.

The" up close and personal" attitude was so much better than the normal touring mobs and your understanding of the whole blood kingdom is impressing. - I have certainly come back from my Grand Old East Coast cruise. When I think back to all the trips I have made during my journey, I notice yours as the most notable.

David, our travel leader, provided an outstanding travel adventure. We were taken to Keeneland by David, where we visited the area. Passing the lovely Calumet Farm, we continued to one of the farm where we visited the barn and learned from the work.

There we learnt everything about the horse breeders. We had a great time with our marvellous, knowledgeable travel companion David. All of our guides are very familiar with the horse industries and sights of the area. You read and research about the horse business all the time.

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