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Advice on horse feed

Professional advice on how to feed a horse to ensure the best possible health and performance from Horse & Hound's Equine Nutritionists. The heatwave that is coming to us in the UK and Ireland may make you wonder how you can keep your horse safe and healthy in the heat. There are many questions we get from people who ask us how much they should feed their horse.

Feeds Finder

Get the right feed now! Baileys' progressive Feed Finder helps you choose the right feed for your horse and calculate the amount of feed. When you are not sure what to feed, just ask the following truthful question about your horse and we will give you some advice on which food is best for you.

Feed Finder is a guide to which feeds are best suited to your horse. For some cases, e.g. young ponies or ponies with medical problems, you will be directed to our nutrition team who can give you free and hands-on advice.

nutritional counselling

There are many things we get asked by folks who ask us how much they should feed their horse. A horse's feeding requirements depend on its own size, race, age, movement, etc. In the following you will find some tips on how much food your horse needs. The training levels are subdivided into low, middle and high and the user's physical mass into 300kg (660lb), 450kg (990lb) and 600kg (1320lb).

Keep your horse (or horses) fed small servings on a regular basis. As a rule, a horse eats 60-80% of its age. Do not alter the food or the feed period at once, but make small changes. If you want to switch from one cereal to another, for example, stir it first like 1/4 and 3/4, the next 1/2 and 1/2, the next 3/4 and 1/4 and then completely the other one.

If the horse gets too thin, feed it more, if it gets too thick, feed it too much. Feed your horse sufficient amounts of straw. Feed your horse before you give him any cereals or beans. Allow the horse to stand for at least 1 hr after you have fed it.

Ensure that your horse is always supplied with clean drinking fountain solution. We' re here to help you find the right food for your horse.

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