Horse Feed Bag

Forage sack

The Cashel Feed Rite Bag; splash-proof design, eliminates food waste through sloppy food, bullying and head throwing. Fodder bag, fodder bag, fodder bag, nose bag or Morral is a bag filled with food and attached to the head of a horse so that it can eat.

Full Sizes Design, Horse, Mini

No more costly feed is lost to the horse. Basil means if they just have to have something to hold their drinks while they feed the goober, they won't be drowning. Mash also means they can breathe easy while they' re on the table. Large adjustable along with some extensible so that as they eats the pail remains near their mouths. If they are nourished in the flock, they cannot rob each other of nourishment and finally stop trying.

Sure, easy to slip over your head. Disadvantages: The net allows more delicate food to fail. Simply poured out delicate food with care and stir a little, but you won't lose nearly as much as in a can.

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