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equestrian feed box

Explore ideas about Horse Feeder. The Hartog feed box contains a metal frame that rests on the horse feed to slow down the intake of roughage. Articles about GullringstorpGoatGal's horse feed box: The future of horse feed is here.

Food box - Hartog

Hartog Feed Box XL is the ideal way to service Hartog forage. Hartog Feed Box XL has the following advantages: The Hartog feed box contains a metallic frame that sits on the horse feed to reduce the time it takes up rough feed. Horses are no longer able to take big nibbles at once and it takes longer to absorb the fibre, which prevents behavioral and digestion issues.

It can be installed in the barn, in the riders' camp or on the outside of the barn at breastlevel. Feeding box is made of an anti-staining rim that avoids the loose offeed. In addition, the feed box is fitted with a metallic grid which lies on the feed and provides for a gradual absorption of forage.

You can also use our feed box for poultry and of course for Hartog Compact Grass. Mixing a grass or lucerne mixture with a mixture of grass, the horse consumes it much more slowly, which also improves the concentration uptake. Rough fodder and forage are blended in the Hartog feed box, resulting in slowing feed consumption and higher mastination, thus boosting the feed efficiency.

Feeding box XL is 60 x 45 x 37 cm.

For the best results, place Hartog Compact grass balls in the feeder box with tapes on top. The horse does not feed on belts, but it eats more slowly and achieves the same effect.

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