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It was perfect for the different types of feed required by the racing industry. In many respects, our company stands out from its competitors. chronicle A catastrophic fire at our Ada mill on January 3, 2013 wrecked the old mill and caused damage to our new feed manufacturing facilities. Whilst the mill is not being changed, the feed system has been fixed and we are prepared to address the challenges of the present with more advanced solutions for the horse lovers' good and wellbeing.

Three-coloured crown is produced in over a decade of feed grinders across the state. Whilst the retailers are self-sufficient and make their own stock selections, we are already firmly entrenched at over 1,200 retailers and are working continuously to increase this number to satisfy consumers' rising demands. Testimonials and interactions are always welcome and the product designs at Tryple Crown are the result of many thousand conversations we have had with horse-owning people.

Who we are

Completing his diploma dissertation "Sport Horse Nutrition", he was employed by a Belgium firm whose CEO divided two of Peter's passions: riding and horse-nourishment. They jointly agreed to bring a product line to market that would meet the dietary needs of high-performance stallions. Correct nourishment and care = top performances.

These are the core assets of our company: We' re dedicated to creating, producing and marketing the best and most efficient horse feed on earth for the horse's good looks, good looks and good luck, from the first step of a filly to his or her pension. We believe, for example, that the nutritional supplementation of a horse is as important for the horse as for the bridegroom who is feeding it at 6:00 in the mornings.

It is our opinion that opening a feed pouch should be a visual delight and that the aroma of this food should make the horse (and even the groom) feed on it. We' ve done this with a unique advantage: a product line that works as announced, that truly (measurably) improves the performances and well-being of champions and meets the highest levels of excellence in the game.

Much of the athlete's achievement is based on the continued good and healthy horse partner. Up until 2000 our range comprised only food additives and skin and skin protection preparations. Our sales and marketing networks now cover more than 50 markets worldwide, from Belgium, our head office, to Australia.

He had trouble feeding one of his own ponies, Wayful Will. Will not only liked the new food, but after a few short days he hit him and begged for his corn - something he had never done before. Even better, Will's muscular tonus was developing so much that other folks at the German gym started asking about his food.

The Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2010 made us proud to be Belgium's official animal health and nutrition partner.

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