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Equine feed company uk

Since we all have horses, we really understand what our customers need. Corporate statements - Declaration on slavery and human trafficking - Corporate video - Accreditations - Our feeds. Index of horse feeds, minerals, supplements and vitamins in England. The Allen & Page is an innovative family business that formulates and manufactures high-quality horse feeds to the highest non-GM standard.

Competent nutritional advice and supplier of horse feed and supplements.


Proud of its long standing tradition of serving the needs of the local community, the firm remains committed to its core beliefs of confidence, honesty, quality and dedication to providing outstanding client services. Saracen combines these qualities in a demanding environment with advanced production facilities and cutting-edge research-oriented formulas that keep us at the cutting edge of advanced feeds.

Saracen introduced Saracen Mix in 1994, the first special diets designed to suit the needs of older horses. Saracen has since manufactured Enduro-100, which is used by many of the UK and Middle East's premier perseverance stalls, and recently also Shape-Up at Up? Balancers, a low caloric balanceer for good perpetrators, laminitisers and those who need to keep an eye on their weights.

Saracen has gathered together the daily things needed to feed different horse species in different phases of food and movement, as well as in different phases of growing and developing. Feed continues to offer the highest level of feed you' ve come to expect from Saracen, and it doesn't have to be high. Saracen can be used very inexpensively if properly feed.

Learn more about our Mix trials, in which we compare the nutritional value of Saracen Mix plus herbs with low-cost mixtures and find out if you can reduce costs and increase the ration. The highest possible standard of QA is our standard, and our continuous adherence to UFAS (United Feed Assurance Scheme) and BETA NOPS Code of Practice is determined by our ongoing QA audit.

The Saracen has an" open declaration" strategy, which means that every substance we use is labelled on our feed and we work with solid wording to safeguard the health and safety of our food. Correctly feed a horse does not have to be hard or complex as long as you keep your dietary objectives in view.

We' ll help you see how you can reach these objectives with the right product and feed strategy. Our highly skilled, knowledgeable and sympathetic workforce works tirelessly to meet your horse's dietary needs and aspirations. Ask for a free and non-binding "feed check" with our feed consultation form or use our online ration advisor to find out if the feed you feed your horse meets its needs.

Your advisor will ask you about your horse and its routines and help you to see if/where there is a lack of vitality. Saracen's commitment resulted in Kentucky Equine Research (KER), which was established by Dr. Joe Pagan in 1988. This is Kentucky Equine Research (KER) team member in the UK.

The KER is the world's most productive horse research center, dedicated to promoting horse breed and sporting achievement through food. KER's goal is to increase our awareness of horse feeding and physical activity and to use this know-how for healthy, sportier animals. Headquartered in Central Kentucky, KER carries out comprehensive research and each study is aimed at improving the horse's overall well-being and well-being by addressing unique issues and providing dietary responses.

We have worked together to offer consistent feeding formulas with uniquely advanced feed that can make a true impact, along with the scientific community that supports them. RE-LEVEĀ®, Level-Grow and Super Fibre Pencils are good samples of the kind of concept slides that have been developed as collaborative work.

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