Horse Feed Containers

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Fodder cards are also a great addition to a stable and help ensure that every horse gets the right food for every meal. The horse feed storage container or horse ceiling storage container is the ideal element to organize and clean every farm or stable. Frequent applications are the outdoor storage of cattle feed and the storage of horse blankets.

Storage container for horse fodder

Buckets are not the only thing you need to feed your horse with cereals! Granaries are an excellent way to keep your crops cool and away from parasites. Fodder cards are also a great supplement to a stable and help make sure that every horse gets the right fodder for every single feed.

Don't miss a long-lasting shovel for perfectly serving generations of grains!

Please see box office prices Why?

Please see box office prices Why? Rubbermaid's 20-gallon feed and seed BRUTE container with lid will help you keep your feed efficient. 55-7/10 inch mm thickness Length:20 inch Ingredients weight: 7,6 lb. Width of product: 20 inch The Rubbermaid BRUTE container is 4,8 of 5 x 8 evaluated, very robust, very good to buy and inexpensive!

Superb Artwork, Great Value Its well constructed, robust and well padded grip, it is a great artwork in this value class, much better than others that cost 2x 3x more. Nice poultry feed bin I've had for about six month and no problems with it yet. To what extent does this material tolerate intensive solar radiation and high temperatures?

Up to 150 degree testing of this one. Could be a dumb one, but how much food in quid will this box contain? Up to 50 quid, according to the feed capacity. Does this contain a safety feature for the storing of drinking waters intended for people.

Announcing the extension of NSF/ANSI Standards 2 Food Equipment and 21 Thermoplastic Litter Bin Certifications to all colours and dimensions of BRUTE Round and Quadratic Floors, Rubbermaid Commercial Products is proud to announce the new NSF/ANSI Standards 2 Food Equipment and 21 Thermoplastic Litter Bin Certifications. Certifications are also valid for all common round cover colours as well as for quadratic covers in grey and weiƟ.

Does this have a BPA-free name? NSF internationally approved and BPA-free for safe use.

Fodder storage containers for horses | Fodder storage containers

The horse feed container or horse ceiling container is the perfect element to organise and keep every farmyard or barn facility organised and cleaned. Frequent applications are the outside storing of cattle feed and the storing of horse covers. Used as a feed container, it can contain over 200 lbs of feed.

Ideal for indoors or outdoors use, this closable, pet-proof, water-repellent container is available in nine lightfast colours. 540SB - Case size - 23" x 23" x 29" x 29 1/2" x 29 1/2" LBS - 27 LBS.

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