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NOTE: Contact your ADM feed retailer for product availability and opening times. There are links to our manufacturers and distributors who have websites listed. Lowe's produces high quality feed for pigs, cattle and dairy cows, horses, goats, sheep, poultry and rabbits for Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and other countries.

Texas' trusted feed manufacturer and distributor

Our home town mindset of providing high standards of services and workmanship has always been a part of our local West, TX feed production group. You' ll see commitment in the way we look at our cereals from the region, welcoming every new or lifetime client and trader as our familiy and being generous to the various local churches we work for.

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Animal feed warehouses are indispensable for the farming community in the United States. See what our retailer net has in stock for you. Collect your regular tickets today. Please consult your nearest retailer for more information. The programme will reward attendees for their feeds to All*American Show Feeds. Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Market Steer, Music Hog, Music Lamb or Music Goat members will receive a Feed Voucher and a personalised Ring of Champions Awards.

Ring of Champions program is available to 4H and FFA members through our dealer net.

Indiana's premier independent Feed Manufacturer & Grain Lifter

High-grade horse food that supplements the feed content of the food to enhance the horse's efficiency, good health and well-being. Lowe's produces top feed for pigs, cattle and milk cattle, horses, goats, ewes, fowl and rabbits. Due to our dedication to a high level of security and reliability, our equipment is 100% Safe Feed / Safe Food approved.

Safe-Feed/Safe is a programme of extensive levels of expertise that go beyond current legislation to maximise feed and feed security. We are committed to developing and producing feed of the highest possible standard with sincerity and professionalism in everything we do, so that we can empower our clients to enhance and sustain their business and maximise their capabilities.

Operation CA, NV & AZ

Please fill out this and we will get back to you. Or call 888.258.7333. The main emphasis of ALE is on the provision of value-added feed for professional animal husbandry, such as horses, pigs, fowl, ovine, rabbits, caprines, cows, milk cows and many other types. ALE feed is designed to provide the optimum nutrition and vitamin intake your animal needs.

We believe in the use of high value substances in our feed. We at Bar ALE are dedicated to the agricultural sector by offering our clients feed of the highest possible standard and services. Please fill out this and we will get back to you. Or call 888.258.7333.

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