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Index of horse feeds, minerals, supplements and vitamins in England. We at Baileys are all horse owners ourselves and understand the challenges that owners and riders face. The Allen & Page is an innovative family business that formulates and manufactures high-quality horse feeds to the highest non-GM standard. Do you have a question about your horse's nutritional needs?

Most of you will be familiar with our main suppliers of horse feed and can now enjoy your favourite horse feed in the UK, right here in northern France.

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Our production of high-quality horse feed enables our clients to exploit their full potentials in their selected horse disciplines. Collaborating with horsemen, women, owners and coaches, we use the latest nutrition research and technologies to create feed that helps you get the best possible results. Ireland's Kentucky equine research team.

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Horse feed of Allen & Page grade, the logical decision..... The GWF NUTRITION is an independant producer and seller of high value animals..... NAF has over 25 years of Equine Supplement formulating and manufacturing expertise..... The BEDMAX company was founded in 2000 to offer horse breeders an optimal, naturally.....

An assortment of 100% biological, high value feed for a large number of different cattle. Take your horse home to a happy home base. Weed is the food your horse would select for itself. An extensive selection of high-quality micronised flake and flake based product. Grade-granted, world-class results.

We produce feed of the highest standard and guarantee the highest level of freshness, palatability and nutrient value analyses.

We produce feed of the highest standard and guarantee the highest level of fresh, tasty and nutritious value analyses. From recreational to Olympic gold medal winners, our equestrian care product range is designed to keep the horse in good shape and health all year round. Our aim is to offer outstanding client services and nutrition consultation through our kind and competent staff.

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Only real horse feed from the following manufacturers is available. Most of you will be acquainted with our major horse feed supplier and can now be enjoying your favorite horse feed in the UK, right here in the North of France. While we have a relatively small assortment in comparison to the inventories of our vendors, we are willing to order in any assortment to meet your needs.

Please check the sites of our horse feed providers below to search their custom feed, supplement and litter assortments and then call us on 02 43 04 74 61 or e-mail us at ClarkJulia 800@aol. com to review your needs and order on schedule. The Vegan Society is the only provider of horse feed that has its complete line of products listed with the Vegan Society.

Bailey's horse feed products work with Progressive Nutrition" from Iowa to get the latest research in horse feeding to further innovate their feed offering. We at Falcon equine feds specialize in supplying horses with the freshest, most organic food available. In the 2015 National Horse Survey (commissioned by BETA), Dietary Horse Feed was chosen as the most favourite brand horse feed.

Founded in 1939, Dodson & Horrell Horse Feed is a family-owned and recognised veterinary feed agency. It is a wholesaler of AB Agri Ltd. and is the UK's biggest provider of by-products in the biofuels, foods and beverages industries. UFAS-approved Feedmark has been supplying high value horse additions packaged on its facilities in Norfolk, UK for 35 years.

It is also recognized under the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme, a member of the British Equine Trade Association and NOPS. Founded in 2004, Pro-Equine offers a broad palette of horse supplement products to take good charge of your horse from both inside and outside. Provision of high-quality horse litter, which contributes to the well-being of the horse in its stall area.

Feed Chain Alliance (FCA) approved. Allen & Page was the first horse feed firm to be approved by the Vegetarian Society for the whole assortment. Use only non-genetically modified components and help with special feed difficulties and feeds. GMP+ B1 approved feedstuffs.

Established in 1993, AGROBS focuses on the design, manufacture and distribution of high value feed. The Blue Chip Feed Limited was established in 1996 by the horse owners Clare Blaskey to feed them. Developed a broad palette of feed for almost 40 years as an independant enterprise.

At first Fulmart Feed specialises in the manufacture of equilage cultivated in North Yorkshire. Now the evolution of Equilage has helped a broader array of feeders, as well as non-heating "Chill Out". Gebrüder Weiss offers a wide variety of feed and food additives for animals, especially equines, as well as cat and dog food. Horsefeed Havens was established in 1845 and is a well-known name in horse-feed.

Contains a large selection of dice, mixtures and cereals for the workhorse. Heygates Country Feed offers a broad variety of feed for your business. Heygates' many years of experience and expertise in the field of nutrition have made it a popular and bustling source of feed for horses, pigs, ewes, wild animals and milk.

He received a royal arrest warrant in 1983 after being given to the Queen's Burmese horse, the dust-free HorseHage. The HorseHage is used by the Animals Health Trust in Newmarket and has been delivered to the UK equestrian team at all Olympic Games since 1984. One of Yorkshire's largest producers of feed additives, founded in 1974 to evolve micronization.

For more than 170 years Saracen has been producing horse and pet food products. In 1958 SPIPLLERS introduced its first mixed feed for the horse and continues to be a leader in horse feed and feed consultation, from competitions through horse performances to the pension of your horse. Their work included in-depth research into the constituents of grass and cereals consumed by the horse.

Specialists in high-quality constituents, probiotics and prabiotics, aromatic plants and no by-products. The TopSpec feed is developed and approved at the North Yorkshire Nutritional Research Centre. They have an award-winning help line that has been won no less than 10ds in the last 11 years and will be pleased to advise you free of cost on nutritional issues.

Equilibrium is working to change the life of your horse and creates cutting-edge, efficient answers to shared challenges. Research to test equestrian physiology and psychology needs. Wojtek Kwiatowski, a gifted and award-winning Pole of Poland, took this wonderful picture that embodies the horse's life.

For more nice horse pictures, please click on this Facebook-page. Join us on Facebook - Whitehorses Equestrian Products. Each of our vendors has a wide selection of other feed and food additives. Whitehorses Equestrian Products offers a supply of products to the regions of Pays de la Loire, Normandy and Brittany.

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