Horse Feed Mix Ingredients

feed ingredients for horses

Nutrition with hay or willow, oats (or corn or barley), salt and water can meet the minimum requirements for mature horses for light work, not pregnant broodmares and breeding stallions. To create your own feed There have been feed businesses for quite some time (Purina was founded in 1894), but many businesses still mix their own feed. If you give a mill a mixing and packaging formulation, the costs are probably half of what you are paying for a packaged feed now.

Only the ingredients you want can be selected and you can prevent anything that your horse does not like. They also know exactly how old the mix is, can prevent things that can speed up the body's development (e.g. molasses) and can verify the qualities of the ingredients before they are used.

They' also used in commercially available submissions, but most businesses have some screenings in place. It is best to prevent risky ingredients such as maize, seeds and brewery or distillery seeds in a home-made blend. It is also important to ensure that your ingredients are at least equal for phosphorous and lime; even if you feed more than 1 kg/day.

It takes a lot of work to design the feed and mix the ingredients every day (or through a mill) in comparison to a simple industrial food sack, but it's not much. One of the most favoured options is the use of a mixture of vitamins and minerals adapted to the type of grass and a natural balance of natural calcium-phosphorus.

I' m using a 2:1 or less Ca:P feed goal rate. Conversion of the characteristic proportions of phosphorous and ca esium into an integer by multiplication by 100; e.g. 0.25% phosphorous becomes 25. It looks like this using some commercially available US feed ingredients: An easy mix consists of 94 + 1 equivalent calcion and 9 + 41 equivalent phosphorous = 95:50 at a 1.9:1 proportion.

One part is lucerne and two parts oat = 147 + 2(1) calibration and 9 + 2(41) phosphor = 149:91 at a 1.64:1 relationship. One good on-line resource for dietary information on other possible ingredients is Maximise the fresh ness and qualitiy of the feed, increase the supply of vitamins and minerals and save your time.

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