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Millbry Hill is passionate about horse nutrition and carries the leading brands of horse feeds and equalisers both online and in the shop. Big Dee's shop for Buckeye horse feed! Join Woody's online shopping with Performance Horse Feeds. You are invited to browse our shop and shop with confidence. Rummage in a selection of horse bed linen, poultry accessories, horse material, small farmer feed &

horse feed online in our equestrian shop.

Nutrition and feed for horses

Purina Mills has been a leading researcher in the field of veterinary sciences and food for more than a hundred years. Purina, a leading company in horse research and feed design, knows that different horse types, different livestyles and different conditions require different feed. Whether you're looking to feed an elite sportsman or a straight horse, or need an all-round strategy for an whole flock, Purina makes a horse feed for you.

Would you like to conserve your horse feed? Find out more about the Purina Differenzprogramm and how you can get vouchers on your horse feed every quarter. Please click on the picture to store it in Purina Horse Feeds.


When choosing a horse diet, the horse's ages, developmental status, metabolic rate and working load must be taken into account. It' s important to feed exactly the right amount to deliver the six essential nourishments all livestock need: sugars, lipids, proteins, mineral salts, waters and vitamines. Equestrian should be nourished according to grade, height and temper.

Hopefully, we will find this resource for their in-depth research studies and novel approach to increasing the bioavailability of nutritional items such as dietary supplements, dietary supplements, dietary supplements and dietary supplements.

Pureina Complete Packer Cubes horse feed 50 lb

Whole horse feed in one big pallet. An all-in-one horse feed containing all the nutritional elements, dietary fibre and other substances a horse needs in one large quantity. Because of the large particle sizes, you can feed on the floor. Treated cereal by-products, animal feed, cereal product, molasses product, roughage product, Calcium carbonic acid, lignosulfonate, salts, lignosulfonate, lipionic acids (a preservative), vitamins 3 and D, vitamins E and D, riboflavin supplement, potassium pantothenate, Niacine supplement, vitamin O supplements, choline chlorine, vitamin B-12 supplements, ethylene diamine di-hydroiodide, ethyl diamine di-hydroiodide, cement carbonicarbonate, ice, ice.

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