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OSAS: Ontario Standard Bred Adoption Society. The Brooks Performance Horse Feeds, Port Perry, Ontario. High-quality horse feed for horse owners in Ontario.

Horses feed and food supplementation

This is a better-priced mixture of high-quality cereals and protein in a tasty, attractive size. This is a long-established, cheaper mixture of good-grain and protein in a tasty, attractive size. The extrusion enhances strength and the added fats provide high levels of protein for top performers who need strength and velocity. Brook's Senior provides overall nourishment in a tasty, structured form that the horse likes to take and keep while surpassing similar competitor offerings.

Zero-maize formulas with added fats for sports that require maximal power without maize and power from superfibers and added oil. An unparalleled formulated to minimise the impact of binding disorder with a high-fat, low-starch mixture of the best raw materials. NSC-poor, high-fiber, very high-fat power feed with Flachs, Riskleie and turnip cuttings.

Previously referred to as Omega Plusibre. Fibrelit has an increased fiber concentration from easily digested springs incl. turnip chips. It can be comfortably steeped for older or suffocating animals. It is a mixture of indigestible fibres and fats with a minimum of starches and sugars, making it the first choise for the horse that needs a moderately manageable power supply.

Contains the latest feed technologies. Additional low-fat fat & ricekleie, with moderately high starches & sugars results in a high energy/low glycaemic feed with variety and nutrition. Made with the highest grade granules, superfiber and oil, making it perfect for the high performer where strength and velocity are needed.

Temperate mix of high grade, easily digested dietary fiber with modest NSC content. Made with the best digestable fiber and oil source. Perfect for top performers who need as much steerable horse fuel as possible. It is a powerful formula of rapidly burnt carbohydrate for high speeds and high value fat and fiber such as flax, riceinseed and turnip escalopes to maintain endurance.

An inexpensive moderately formulated form of power.

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