Horse Feed Ration

feed ration

In addition, feed costs account for about half the annual cost of a horse. Below you will find rations suggested for use by leisure horse owners. Decide the class of your horse.

Feeding the ration balancers when?

Recently, while checking the farms' feed programme, the farm executive said that some of her animals were receiving only 1 lb of cereal per farm per night.... They felt that their weights were good, but still they seemed to lack something in their nutrition. As we watched the tags on her feed, the issue was evident.

Your food is developed to be feed at a level of 0.5 - 0.75 lbs per 100 lbs b.w.. That means she would have to feed 5 - 7.5 lbs per night to ensure adequate attachment for a 1000 lb horse. According to this norm, their horse, which received only 1 lb per day, did not receive the nutritional enrichment they needed for optimal good nutrition, and thus their sense that "they seemed to be missing something".

Your ranch was producing high grade feed at about 2% of each horse's total height, and the overall physical state of the horses was good, but we had to compensate for the addition of vitamins and minerals. We' ve checked the results of the farms' today tests to determine our base line. Explaining that she could slightly enhance her horse's nutrition with the use of a ration counterbalance.

BALANZERS have a low feed ratio, generally from 0.25 to 1 lb per capita per day, but they contain a focused blend of the additional vitamin, mineral and protein needed to help the horse reach its full nutritional capacity. It was a little uncertain about lining something with a 30% protein content, but I did explain that if you do the mathematics, lining 1 lb of a 30% protein food will actually do the same for a little less than lining a 12% feed at a higher rat.

The most important characteristics to consider in a ration of balancers are: probiotic and prebiotic to improve fibre and proteinaceous metabolism and the uptake of minerals. Valuable ration balance provides your horse with the most important nutrients, and often no extra supplement is needed!

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