Horse Feed Scoop

feeding spoon

Schneiders durable shovels ensure that your horse gets the food it needs. Precise and convenient measurement of different types of textured lining. Manufactured from transparent plastic for accurate feed rations with comfort handle for easy scooping. It is important that your horse is fed correctly - by weight (pounds) and not by volume (quarts). Instructions on most feed bags provide guidelines on the number of pounds (or kg) you should feed.

What is the capacity of your shovel for horse feed?

It was a visit from a horse lady who had just bought her own yard thispring. Said she followed the same feed programme followed in the shed, but the filly had put on weight. No. Rapid analysis showed that the filly had stubbornly passed the line to a good physical state of 6 and we knew that the feed had not altered as the horse's owners bought their feed from the shed.

Considering the feed intake of the fillies every single horse, we averaged 25 lbs per da. That was 990 lbs, so she received just over 2.5% of her total bodies weigh per diem in hey. That was on course with her dieting in the shed.

She also received the same work, if not more, as she was now at home with the horse's owners. She had bought the same food and was still eating 5 quid a days, split into two feeds. We' re going to the feed room and I ran the feed store.

This was the same food the filly was on before, and I reassured her that we hadn't made any changes. Then I asked her how many sacks of food she used for a whole months. Exactly one a week." £50 / 7 is 7+ pound a full working night.

feeding spoon

There are three feeding spoons, one simple feeding spoon and two one of a kind feeding spoons that make it simple to quantify the right amount of sweets, oat or a pellet. Spoons help to keep your horse in good health and help to safe your horse from damage. Schneiders long-lasting shovels help you make sure your horse gets the food it needs.

Also we have grain measurement systems for horse with diet. Types are available that can handle up to 1.25 lbs of texturized feed or up to 1.5 lbs of pellet, up to 3 lbs of oat, pellet or candy feed or up to 2.5 lbs of grain (and 3 lbs of pellets).

We have developed robust feed trays in various colours from the world' largest manufacturer Dura-Tech®. When you need to precisely monitor your horse's feed due to specific nutritional limitations, we have our sturrescoops and super feed shovels. They both offer colour-coded ranges for different kinds of feed. Bucket base models feature a measurement of sweetened and texturized feed on one side, pelletized feed on the other and can handle up to 1.25 lbs of texturized feed or 1.5 lbs of pellet.

On one side, the Super Feed shovel has colour-coded pipelines for different feeds - candy, oat and pellet - and can weigh up to 3lbs. Super Feed Scoop has an especially broad jaw. Here you will find horse covers and sheeting, horse westerns, horse wrap, horse stables, horse trailers, horse clothing and much more.

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