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One of the biggest discount warehouses for animal feed and pet needs in Southern California. Based in Canyon Country in the town of Santa Clarita, California, we stock a broad range of accessories for your horse, canine, feline, avian, gnawing, bunny, poultry and cattle. Canyon Country, Acton, Agua Dulce, Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley, Antelope Valley and their surroundings in Southern California are served.


Lipid-rich, dietetically and physiologically balance, monitored starches and sugars with improved flavour, studied and developed to promote the well-being and wholesomeness of adults 2 years and older. It is the best food to give your horse a glossy fur, good physical shape and powerful hoofs without the extra energy that can easily make him overweight.

Grown-ups, two years and older. Pros. Phase of their lives. Nursing, breed, breeding as well as competitive horse. Suitable for lightweight to medium weight horse..... The Purina® Omolene horse feed provides consistently excellent feed to help keep your horse looking good. The Omolene #100 horse feed is an unbelievably tasty nutrition and provides 100% of the necessary vitamines and mineral nutrients when properly feeded.

Rather than using pure sucrose rich raw meal, Purina Omolene #100 Horse Feed contains a one-of-a-kind mixture of treacle and soybean seed for a richer treacle the horse likes to have. Eating a horse in the midst of life, ranging from enjoying yourself to being a simple keeper. Achievement, kennel, broodmare foals, nursing broodmares and young foals.

The Purina® Omolene #300 Horse Feed contains Purina Amplify Nugget, a patent-pending high-fat extrusion containing a special mixture of plant oil, linseed and poultry feed for optimum oiliness. The Omolene #300 horse feed also provides extra proteins and calories for milking broodmares. Designed for show and breed horse with built-in rough food ....

The Purina® Omolene #400 Horse Feed contains Purina Amplify Nugget, a patent-pending high-fat extrusion containing a special mixture of plant oil, linseed and poultry feed for optimum oiliness. The Omolene #400 horse feed does not contain barsley, oat or lucerne and is therefore perfect for those who are sensitive to swing or have allergies to dusts and mildew in grass and other foods.

Nursing, competitive and breed horse for adults. Designed for hardworking and enduring equestrians. The Purina® Omolene #500 Horse Feed contains Purina Amplify Nugget, a patent-pending high-fat extrusion containing a special mixture of plant oil, linseed and poultry feed for optimal fatty acids uptake. The Omolene #500 Horse Feed provides a mix of fats, fermented fibre and carbohydrate for the equestrian who needs to deliver peak performances throughout the duration of an equestrian race.

Correct regrowth and evolution depends on powerful genes, a nourishing habitat and a good food supply. Food is a "complete food", i.e. it is an all-in-one food with integrated hey. The fodder removes the nutritive variation of grass or grass and encourages a consequent nourishment for the cultivation of weaners. Once a horse reaches gestational age, it becomes important to tackle the changes that are occurring by adapting feed programmes to their dietary needs.

Pureina® Equine Seniors® Horse Feed is designed to provide the older horse with a full nutritional equation, up to and personalized with feed, when it has difficulty masticating and eating feed and age-related feed. The Purina® Equine Seniors® horse feed provides the unique equilibrium of energetic, protective, protein, vitamin, mineral and high value fibre (including turnip pulp) that your older horse needs to keep the right shape.

Plus, the patented technology of Easy SoakTM Pellet makes it easier to masticate, regardless of your horse's mastication strength, and is more easily digested than whole grain, grass or grass. The Purina® Equine Seniors® horse feed provides the best diet for older horse owners. Besides, your horse will enjoy the flavour. Elderly horse, especially those that lose mass due to bad intake of nutrients, tooth decay or no tooth at all.

Such feed may substitute all or part of the horse's dietary fibre requirements. A horse in the midst of life, ranging from enjoying life to being a simple owner. Today's horse has a longer life, and the life style of an actively ageing horse demands particular grooming and correct diet in order to keep it healthy.

The Purina® Equine Sense® Equine Edge® horse feed is a physiologically nutritious and specially designed feed for the elderly horse whose carer wants his or her partner to look as healthful as he or she looks. Equine Equine Edge® is a moderate older horse that provides high-fat and high-fiber equine diets with a controled strength and sweet formulation that provides all the essential vitamin and mineral nutrients needed to keep him or her in shape and up.

Purina® Equine Seniors® Equine Healthy Edge® horse feeds help keep the right shape to make sure you and your pet can spend more years together enjoying the best possible diet for your horse...: Older horse actively, easily belonging to ordinary guardians, with good teeth and no serious problems to chew or digest straw or fodder.

Conservation, growing, reproduction, mediocre power and enjoyment. Food restrictions with mediocre feed grade and even grain. Food grade (mainly grasses or ripe legumes). Power and enjoy. Natures Esssentials Amplify Supplement is a high-fat, low-starch, extrusion particulate that provides energy for gaining body mass, improving power, lactating and preparing for sale in a carefully formulated, counterbalanced state.

Feeding form: Increased weights, power, conditioning, presentation and sale preparations. Comes in a 25 lb. pail and 40 lb. pad. Convenient and economic way to feed your horse. From the fun of activity to the simple holder. Power and breeders, world-class riders who enable them to be competitive at the highest level.

The Ultium® Competition Horse Formula provides these workhorses with a focused amount of power by spreading this power among several different springs (vegetable oil, turnip chips and a mixture of other sources). As this feed is energy-tight, less feed is needed to maintain bodily health than feed with lower levels of energetic densities such as rectilinear feed.

The Ultium® Competition Horse Formula offers intellectual focusing and controllability, fast regeneration and muscular restoration, extended endurance, a powerful top line and less indigestion. The Purina® Ultium Horse Formula is a high-quality, high-fat, high-fibre horse feed specially developed and formula for brood mares and young jumpers. Supported by four-year research that includes four major themes: graphs of increase, physical state, articular healthyness, level of exercise, glucose values, and more, this uniquely industry-leading diet helps the horse develop, grow, and adapt to the physiological changes necessary to create a powerful, healthful, athletic horse.

Had the elimination of adiposity been just a question of calorie consumption, one could just halve a horse's ration and look forward to great results. Quite the opposite, as any horse breeder can tell you, it is heart-rending to watch a horse get starved. Furthermore, the starvation of a horse can trigger a string of incidents that do more than help, i.e. lose muscular weight, lack of nutrients, etc.

WellSolve W/C® Horse Feed provides good strategy to remove excess fats and calories from your food while promoting good nutritional outcomes. Nutrition low in starches and sugars for specially needsing horse. NowSolve L/S® Horse Feed provides a simple, more rational nutrition choice for vets and horse owners who care about a horse with specific needs that can profit from a low strength, low added sugars nutrition.

The Purina® Food for Small and Pony Horse has been specially developed to satisfy the special needs of small and large sized horse and pony breeders, who are generally more metabolistically effective than large horse breeders, but still need the necessary food for growing, pregnancy, lactating, raising and competing. Power food for the victorious race horse .....

Equestrian sportsmen and women must have a high-quality diet that is scientific in its formulation in order to obtain the racing advantage that enables them to stay ahead of the game. Purina® Sweet Feed does exactly that. The Purina® Horse Feed provides the necessary amount of heat for maximum performance and stamina from three different fuels: fat, fiber and carbohydrate.

Purina® Race Ready Horse Feed is a high digestibility, energy-rich food that maximises your horse's power while minimising the possibility of indigestion. Extended complement specially designed for equestrian athletes who participate in strenuous physical activity. Our patent-registered method and formula are novel uses of our processing technologies and advances in horse feeding research.

Purina® Athlete and Purina® Athlete supplement represent the results of this intensive research and meticulous research - an innovative complement for show horse, exercise, conditioning, competitive, show and sale preparations, including those for stud and broodmare.

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