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Locate horse feed advertisements from the Sydney region, NSW. Would you like to feed your horse optimally with the leading products of the industry? The Castlereagh Feeds - Homepage We are a family-owned company that allows us to control all facets of the way our feed is produced - What is on the label is in the bag - Our raw materials do NOT vary so you know that your pets or poultry always receive the same healthy quality in every mouth full of their Castlereagh food. The workmanship is minimum so that each kernel retains its original quality, which can be compromised by reworking, boiling or extrusion. The use of our mild vapour pelletizing method includes the use of nature for easy ingestion.

- You are what you are, just like your pets and yourflies.

Castlereagh Feed packs our cases with a lot of fresh and naturally looking good. Only the best grade cultivated in Australia is used, all our seeds are naturally sour. They and your pets or poultry are deserving of the best, so why not try one of our tasty foods and make sure your pet or poultry is lucky and sane.

  • Our Castlereagh pre-mix helps you to compensate for deficits on Australia's meadows and to cover the nutrient requirements of your animal or bird and to give them good nutrition and nutrition. - Castlereagh's Molafos Gold formulation has been added to support longer term vigour, taste and well being.

Even the most sensitive users are attracted to try out our slides. - Therefore, our feed does not damage your horse, equidae, dog and other animals if they inadvertently enter the feed barn.

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Micronised concentrate for ponies (weanlings, yearlings), broodmares and sires. Thanks for equipping my crew. We congratulate Christine Bates and Adelaide Hill on the Bates Saddles CCI3* category win at the Sydney International Horse Trails and on reiterating the performance they performed at the same competition in 2011.

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