Horse Feed Wholesale Suppliers

Wholesale horse feed suppliers

Browse or browse our list of wholesale feed retailers by category or location. Search, buy and sell pet food online now for free. Packaged, bulk, raw materials, feed additives, vaccines, milk replacers, cereals, maize, soya, wholesale prices. FULL FOOD ADDITION OPTIONS COST/TONNE The CVAS is a leading provider of analytical services and offers the most sophisticated feed analysis to date.

wholesale- and wholesale orders

Manufacturers, retailers and fodder shops! Every second Thursday we take orders and mill until the end of the following weeks for shipment. FOB Origin is used for shipment. Orders from abroad - the buyer is liable for shipment from our factory and for all imports. Whilst we calculate the real cost of your shipment, we need the following basic information to make you the best offer:

  • Shipping adress, - if you have a fork-lift truck or a ramp, - if you are in a residence, shop or plant, - and how many tonnes you would reasonably be expecting to order once.

bulk services

With our qualified nutritionists, we provide on-farm service, which includes feed nutrition analyses, enabling us to provide the best feed and nutrition advice for your pet. We are continually extending our distributor base to attract new clients and enhance our on-site, hands-on customer service. The CVAS is a leading provider of analytic testing solutions and offers the most demanding feed analytics to date.

Recent Green Mountain Labs upgrades in 2014 have enabled us to extend our service and enhance the accuracy of each and every piece of work. This comprehensive analytics is used to underpin the high standards of our product performance and provide immediate analytics results to underpin our QA program. Feed testing is also the basis for hundreds of accurate recommendations that are sent directly to your home.

The precise analysis of the flock is carried out by qualified technicians and assisted by our employees, the vet and our internal and external technicians. As a result, we are able to satisfy unique feeding needs of farms and/or herds, maximising flock efficiency, good quality and return on investment. Attention is designed to help advanced dairy companies in the Northeast; this programme provides our dairy consultants and growers with relevant managerial information that enables our farming team to make sound choices to enhance business and livestock viability.

Containing several hundred thousand creamery logs, The Attention Program is the most extensive Northeast data base, enabling clients to make benchmarks for stove performance.

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