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You can use this tool to find trainers, locations, events and even riding centres near you where you can ride with your family! Would you like to see a horse from your past? Committed to providing the "right" horse for your needs. The Lusitano horses for sale, information about Lusitanos, dressage and tournament events, news and a whole world full of details. Not a problem - we help you to find your dream horse!


You can use this utility to find coaches, venues, shows and even horse centres near you where you can go ridin' with your mates! Trainer/Istructor: These are horse riders who can help you acquire the skills you need to train. Where to find us: Here you can find out more about dealing with the horse or go out for a hike.

Show: These are branch contests and shows where you can see great horse and rider in operation! These are places where you can go horseback ridin'! These are the birthplace of some of the most popular ponies! Horse Finder card listing venues, places and experts have been provided by trusted sources that provide secure surroundings that kids want to link with their horse.

AQH is the offical breeding register of the AQH. Professionals provide competition advice, sporting promotion activities and worthwhile options for members to make their stay with America Quarter Horses even more pleasant. The Certified Horsemanship Association fosters security and training for the benefits of the horse sector as a whole.

Qualified trainers give classes and help to reinforce the relation between horse and pup. Horse centres provide pony club teaching as part of the Pony Club assignment to help kids train to horseback rides on the plains, overdoors and outdoors. Besides the Pony Club meeting, there are also unassembled gatherings where members are informed about the grooming of the horse.

The Dude Ranchers Association provides family holidays in the North. It was all done in the best possible way: from the back of a horse. The riding experience was encircled by genuine and genuine westernerly warmth, which these pioneer ranchers regarded as part of the Codex of the Western world. Everybody likes having a Breyer horse.

Breyer Horses also have great shows and shows all year round. Your horse skills and your passion for horses make these particular activities even more enjoyable! Have a look at these great horse shows to raise your riding standards! Many of them have very low dues and even have great 4-H-horse-periods, which don't need a horse to take part!

Please consult your 4-H representative to learn more about how you can participate in a horse programme in your area.

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