Horse Fly Coat

Equestrian Fly Coat

Coat Airstream Airstream release and neck bow. Keep your horse cool and free from pests at high temperatures with Kool Coat Airstream Detach-A-Neck Fly Sheet. Detach-A-Neck Fly Sheet. Kool Coat Classic Weatherbeeta Standard Neck Fly Sheet. If you are looking for extreme heat or sensitive horses, try the Kool Coat Lite Sheet!

Köl-coat Classic Standard Neck Ultraviolet Blinding daily paper

Made from long-lasting material with a dependable look, the Kool Coat Classic Sheet provides the great level of safety and unparalleled convenience that we all know, enjoy and value from the Kool Coat brand. The Kool Coat provides the tranquillity that every horse owners expects during the hottest season by keeping their horses protected from pungent bugs and damaging ultraviolet radiation while at the same time stimulating the airflow and blood-stream to keep their fur cold, even in extremely high temperatures.

In order to estimate the horse's horse cover height, take measurements from the middle of the breast, along the side of the horse, to the back of the backbone. If you are looking for an extremely hot and delicate horse, try the Kool Coat Lite Sheet!

Coat Kool Airstream Horse Sheet- Horse Flyheets

The new Airstream with side plates is also a best selling horse Kool Coat Sheets! Coat Airstream offers cold winter shade from the hot heat and irritating, pungent bugs. The Kool Coat on the top side of your horse's coat prevents the horse from fading from the heat, while the side meshes keep your horse cold and flow through the ski.

The fabric is a hardwearing 270-gram polyester on the top. The Kool Coat Airstream provides ultraviolet light fastness, which is especially beautiful on light coloured ponies. Weatherbeeta' s Kool Coat Airstream Detach A Neck features: Spacious tailgate which is not normally available on bedspreads!

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