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Find out how you can overcome brakes with Solutions Pest and Lawn control products. Browse our wide range of products to control flies, lice, rodents, ticks and pests that are safe for horses. We at Jeffers Equine are your first port of call for horse fly masks, fly spray and other fly protection accessories at affordable prices. The TSC carries out horsefly inspections, bot-egg-knives, flypapers, horsefly masks, insect repellents and insecticides.

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The best products for the control of horse flies

Then there are ordinary houseflies, which you have to face, and then there are malignant ones like the horsefly, which are at their own state. The brakes are one of the most corrosive types of fly. In contrast to a housefly, the brakes have hot, blade-like mouths that can rip into meat.

It even derives its name from its propensity to graze and feeding them. Horseflies are bigger than most other fly types, they are between and 1 inch long and 1 inch and have a characteristic large skull, brilliant metallics and large, brilliant greens eye. Women's brakes have a great thirst for sweat and are even known to assault people and give a bit that is much more aching than a gnatshot.

Females need a lot of blood to be able to make egg that resembles a midge. Horseflies are most actively in summer and are known to live in hot and wet areas. Horsefly bitches can be a very annoying parasite around houses and farmland, as their bitches are known to cause cattle to be removed, and in human beings they have the capacity to cause hypersensitivity and cause sickness.

When you have a horsefly issue you are facing, Solutions can help you with plague and lawn by providing horsefly controlling products for the horse, professionally, including horsefly pitfalls and horsefly fighting spray. Read more under the products for more information on how to remove this annoying insect.

See below our products for horsefly kill. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any queries or doubts and we will be pleased to help you with your order or give you useful tips on how to combat pests.

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