Horse Food Cost

Costs for horse feed

These costs can all be influenced by the number of horses cared for. To find the best value with quality horse feed means to determine the price per bag and to calculate the actual feed costs per day. make pennies out of horse feed cost Recently I was summoned to a dormitory and teaching stable to help the owners assess their diet. 12 of the ponies were involved in an educational programme, and the other activities varied from amusement to moderation. Body condition scores of the ponies varied from 4 to 6, and the owners stated that some of the ponies were tougher keeperstan others, with a dietary requirement of 1 to 18 lbs of cereals per horse per diem.

About 1.5% of the horses' daily weights were in this area. She used a low-consumption food for cereals, which was $8.99 per pouch. With the large number of ponies on the ranch and the increasing costs, she felt she could not pay for the premiums, which amounted to almost $14 per pouch.

At the time we investigated the manufacturer's food brand, the proposed amount of food was 1 lb per 100 lb of human horse fat (10 lb of food for a 1000 lb horse!), and the enrichment of the food was minimum. and the boarder bought supplementation to supply added bio-tin, leavenulture, cupper, zink and selenium. 2.

In order to find out how much she has spent on food, we have made the following calculations: No need for food additives! Some of the animals were over $3 a days when we were calculating the cost per horse per working days on the basis of food intake and supplement! In comparing this with the feeding rate of our top line diets, not to speak of the total enrichment level and the saving of a lot of time when we didn't have to segregate portions of dietary supplement every single working day, the top line diets were a better value in the long run.

What does it really cost to own a horse?

I' m in Arizona and we have our own ponies here at home. One horse feeds on one ball of straw a week. No. I' m feeding hard - my favourite colour for a horse is bold I don't add to my horse unless it really burns theories. My horse is for horseback rides and rides.

Usually I do not add. I' m feeding good alfalfa/grass mixed tay. Each of our balls weighs about 110 pounds and run about $16.00 per ball when you buy your hey at your grocer. We' re buying straw with a lorry shipment and at the moment it's not much less expensive than the fodder storer.

They are barefoot, which means a cut every few month. The Barefoot trimer teached me how to get the right trimming so I don't have to call them as often as most would do. I' m not a big patient for vaccines except tetanus, because our ponies don't come in contact with other ponies.

When you have a horse that can move and move around the clock, horse lovers to keep them pampered and daily supply of clean grass and excess on your vet's bill will be very low, if not zero.

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