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The TSC carries Purina, DuMOR, Nutrena, Manna Pro horse feed, treats and food. Our products include horse feed and food supplements with high-quality ingredients. Purina Horse Feed is the best for your horses. The Farm Store's horse feed. A sales consultant will get in touch with you before processing your order.

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Horses Food & Supplements I Purina

The feed we provide is tailored to the horse's exact size and life-style. You will see the evidence in thick hoofs, glossy fur and sound steeds. Our passion is to help the horse achieve its full range of potentials. We' re proud to be sponsoring A Home for Every Horse and become our ambassador so that the history of every horse can be great.

Each Purina products gives you the best thoughts of the best group of horse nutrition doctors and horse professionals in the world.

Horses Food & Treats: Food, Pellets & Snacks - Free Delivery

Just browse our extensive stock of horse feeds to find the kind of food your partner would like. There are many different kinds of sweets, but they contain a typical blend of cereal horse food, maize, and horse proteins. It is the perfect food for adding horse fillings and medication. Sweets are also more chewable than other foods, which can promote better ingestion.

Because of the high molasse level of the sweetened food, it is perfect for coaches who are trying to motivate their horse to try to eat more or for the horse that needs an uplift. By eating cute food you run the danger that your horse picks and chooses which nutrients it eats without taking into account the nutritionally more valuable ingridients.

Horseradish food granules make it easy for your horse to eat all of its food components, not just the canap├ęs. Pelletized food means that all components have been crushed and processed into a single nut. Equine fodder granules provide highly focused proteins and vital nutritional substances that your filly needs without added sugars.

There is nothing amiss about giving your horse a moderate treatment. Delicious horse delicacies with apples, cars and diced straw are a good starting point for your horse's workout. Keep in mind that delicacies are only something really unique if they are not always available.

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