Horse Food List

List of horse feeds

Rice bran is used as a mass feed and has a high energy content. - Grains provide vitamins, proteins and fatty acids to improve your horse's performance. Guide for beginners: Various types of horse feeds To find the right food for your horse can always be a real challange! This is especially true if you are a new horse-owning horse and do not know what kind of nutrition a horse needs. Horse food is different and they all have different nutritive value.

Each horse's nutrition is different and the hard part is figuring out what your horse needs most.

Conversation with the horse's former owners or a veterinarian can help you get to know your horse's dietary needs and supply you with the various supplements/vitamins your horse needs. It will show you the different kinds of horse food and the nutritive value that they offer! Power supply: Turnip cutlets: - This food is either prepared with water or water.

Horsemen usually choose to give it a moist diet and leave it to macerate in cool running waters for 12 hrs before use. Sugar beet schnitzel is high in proteins, carb and is a high sources of nutrition. It is good for heavy or light weight use.

  • Rice Bran is used as a mass feed and has a high energetic conten. Grain:

Oleaginous barley: - Oleaginous barsley is one of the most highly classified sources of power. As it has a high energetic value, only a certain amount of bars per days should be used. Every small alteration in the amount of beer given to your horse can have a significant effect on the nutrition of your horse.

Therefore it is recommended to add a larger forage such as turnip cuttings or minced straw. {\a6}The Vincent Pig: Sweet Feed: - Confectionery is an adaptable horse food and usually contains a sugar-containing treacle. Most of the sweetened animal fodder is made up of maize, oat, treacle and a supplement of minerals. Your horse's amount of work should be the amount of sweetened food that should be added to his diets.

In the same way as for children, the treacle in sweetened food can sometimes give your horse a high content of sugars. When not trained enough to calculate the sugars in his system, your horse may seem a little frisky. Make sure you always give your horse the appropriate amount of food according to his working rhythm.

This is a high proteinaceous product and is usually blended with other animal feedingstuffs. Linseed is also good for the horse's digestion! By improving the mikrobial populations, your horse will have an easy to digest food and will minimise its chance of colics. Oat: - Oat is one of the most favoured seeds in horse feeding and has a low caloric conten.

Oat is added to the food to increase the mass for feeding your horse. Even if oat can be used in large quantities, it has a low nutritive value and should not be used as a primary foodstuff for your horse. The pellet is often a mix of sweet maize, food additives and cereals.

Some of the products are made especially for colts, pregnant women, old people's and old people's horses. They always want to make sure that you buy a pellet that is suitable for your horse and its nutrition. Hay: - Hay will be one of the major food resources for your horse.

Hippocotta provides the necessary quantity your horse needs for its daily feeding and also provides the nutrient level your horse needs. Pasture/Gras: - After hey, gras will be the second major food resource your horse needs in its nutrition. Pasture provides your horse with the nutrition and calibration necessary for its nutrition and also helps to give your horse the right amount of mass to ingest.

Hi and weed should be the two major food supplies for your horse's daily nutrition! When they do not get the right amount of gras and hey, grain and food additives should be added to their nutrition and given at each meal. According to your horse's working conditions, you should add the appropriate amount of food and portion to his nutrition.

They want to make sure that all proteins and carbohydrate that are given to your horse every single working session can be processed and help him to stay well.

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