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For a horse, the right nutrition plays the most important role in a life full of health and happiness. Customized feed production | Private Label Many thanks for your interest in our Privatelabelservices. More than 40 years of expertise in the production of high-quality, safer and more nourishing forage. Our plant operates a safety feed/safe food system according to the FCI (Facility Certification Institute) standard. We are monensin-free and do not mix antimicrobials, antihelmintics, coccidiostatics or ionophors into our feeding.

There is a five tonne limit for all feed. With our automated bag filling system and palletizing robot, efficient bulk production of pelletized, extrusion and texturized feed is possible. Our close relations with many manufacturers of packagings enable us to support you in your efforts with regard to your brand.

Horse feed additives for animal feed manufacturers & horse ranches

Additions and additions to horse food are often necessary to reach optimum nutritional state. Fodder is a particular challenge, as the horse and other equidae are naturally herbivorous animals used to graze and eat small amounts of food all the time. It' s important to consider the animal's intestinal system and nutritional needs when developing a diet.

We have developed our high-quality horse food ingredients and accessories to help pet food manufacturers supply first-class end produce to their clients and horse ranches so that they can better nourish their cattle. The Equidae feeding product range focuses on providing solution in these 3 areas:

Equine feed - ??? ? ?, Ghode Ka Chaara Manufacturer & Suppliers in India

Thanks to our numerous connections to well-known manufacturers in the field, we are able to keep pace with the increasing requirements of Horse Feeds on the national and global markets. Horse feed is made from corn gluten flour, more...... more.... The horse feed we offer is very recommendable for all types and activities.

Due to its characteristic nutritive value, it can often be used in larger quantities than other foodstuffs that are denser in terms of nutrition physiology. With the production of our products we are able to meet the different requirements of our clients. The CK&Co. cashsia meal(puwadchuri or cassia churi) is a high-protein, oil-rich cashsia semen polishing product that is one of the best ingredients for the ruminants feeding stuff industries due to its high nutritive value and low price. more...... more.... more... more... more....

An exquisite formulation for enduring racehorses C Proteins 17.0% mins.

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