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Nutritional supplement for equines

Just like other pets, they have different flavours and needs with regard to their food. Although the livestock are on grazing land and fed with greenery, get grass every day and are fed with high-quality horse fodder, sometimes it is not enough and some of them still have defects.

That is why it is important for these ponies that you act as a trader. Horse nutrition additives are perfect for fighting deficiency symptoms and caring for your horse well. This food additive should be specially formulated to meet the needs of your horse, as over feeding your horse certain nutritional substances is not healthy.

Zoobio's online store offers a large selection of nutritional supplement solutions for the horse. Each of the top brands' different formulas are available at competitive rates, so that you can take optimal good tending and order food additives for your horse online. It is not only in the contents of the articles that the single supplement feeds differ.

Food supplement for the horse is available as olive oils that can be added to the horse's food, or as powders, or even as handy horse licks. You can also find tasty pellet formulations that not only have a good flavour, but are also very healthful for your pet, and the right dosage can be added to the horse's regular food with ease.

Horse nutrition for training and events: Which additions do you give your sports horse? UK researcher starts study with online survey

How do you supplement the food of your sports horse? All of us are inclined to look over each other's shoulder - or, in my case, poking around other people's food rooms - to get an idea of what our buddies and rivals are doing for our own use. There is no doubt that practically all our rivals are adding something to their horses' feeders, and our SmartPak buddies are often magnanimous when it comes to share their most favourite foodsupplement.

Dietary remedies exist that say they soothe the effervescent, breed hoofs on the weak-footed, boost the allergy sufferers' immunity, smear the hinges and help save everyone's delicate gastric line. University of Nottingham's School of Veterinary Medicine and Science research group is inviting horseback and owner to participate in a singular new survey of horse food additives.

Research focuses on equine dietary supplement products for equestrian sports in training and events, with the goal of finding out what dietary supplement products are currently being used, what the wishes of horsemen and women in possession are and how best to pass on information about them. Scientists are hoping to gain a better insight into the main problems of human well being and achievement in these fields and how dietary complementation could be enhanced to help.

"Dietary supplementation is widely used for the horse's general well being and fitness, and there is a wide selection of it on the horse mat. In spite of their wide distribution, there is little information about which dietary supplement is used and why. "The research on HR athlete has assisted in understanding what kind of dietary supplement HR supplement users want and how best to share information and counsel.

This is the first research of this kind to be carried out on horse. "The survey is being conducted by two third year veterinarian studants, Charlotte Agar and Rachael Gemmill, in partnership with Dr. Teresa Hollands of Dodson & Horrell Limited, a major producer of horse feed, animal feed and food additives.

a Dodson & Horrell dietician and a faculty member in the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Science at Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine, said: "Horse feeding policies are intended to help maintain a healthful bowel, reduce the risks of developing chronical diseases and enhance overall wellbeing. However, as research with sportsmen and women has shown, there is often a gap between consciousness, comprehension and use of food and dietary supplement.

"The Olympic Games on the Horizon makes this research particularly topical; we want to use the results not only to help our top class ponies, but also to create an information heritage for all horse lovers and horsemen. "About the veterinary school: After enrolling its first veterinary medicine and science student in September 2006, the UK's first new veterinary medicine and science college in more than 50 years.....

Celebrating its first year as a veterinarian in July, the college has earned an excellent record in vet training and research, which includes evidence-based medical and scientific sharing.

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