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Serving CW Feed Products Incorporated, Pet Food and Accessories Wichita, Kansas Wichita's headquarters for livestock and farmyard feeds is CW Feeding Products Inc. A wide range of food for cows, animals, horsemen, dogs, felines, poultry, rabbits, flocks and cows. If your dog is young, old, dynamic or competitively priced, we will help you to choose the right food for your dog. We at CW Feeds take great pride in the quality and safety of your pet's nutrition. That's why we stock a wide range of healthcare products.

Specialized in the healthcare of horses, dogs and cats. Also we have accessories for horseshoes. When you are in the toy and treats for your pet toy store, you can also find them on CW Feed. Dogs and cats are packed with hands-on games, wholesome goodies, necklaces, leashes and much more.

The CW Feed is south of the thirteenth and Mosley or north of Murdock and Washington.

Sellers & Stands

Devon Country Fair is all about customs! There are many Country Fair tradtions, among them delicious citron bars, many funny sweets and the legendary Devon fur. One of the most popular ways to make a lanyard is the traditional gift of the yearly souvenirs, many gather the coins and put them in their lanyard. Above all, it is a custom that so many people come together as a fellowship, be it to make eggs or to offer derby opportunities.

Let's not forgetting another Devon tradition: the incalculable weathers! In fact, the trade fair has something for everyone. We' re always looking for new fans, so if you want to join us and make Devon your traditional event, come to the tournament's Freiunteer Appreciation Party on Sunday, April 29, starting at 4:00 pm or click here to register as a one.

The entire revenue of the Devon Country Fair goes to Bryn Mawr Hospital, another long-standing and venerable heritage. Devon Kids/Future Champions35Official site for all Devon articles for the younger horse lovers and the pony! This year the Devon Tea Cart celebrates its 100-year centenary. Although we are not really sure how this name came about, Devon offers food for everyone.

Hamburg's stand is known for the classical Devon Special (burger and French fry combo) as well as barbecued chickensandwiches and toast. A lot of people choose to make salad or wrap at the salad stand, but most of them think the Bassett's ice-cream shop is a big portion (mint is the number one among the sellers).

There is a beautiful shady area in front of the pavilion with lots of space to relax and have fun. Devon Souvenir's stand is no less than astonishing, it even lasts several visits to see everything that is on offer. Like all the stands, souvenirs are run by volunteer helpers who are always on the lookout for the latest fashions and contemporary classic items.

It has also developed into a large range of home and gift items. Visit the online souvenir shop all year round. This younger kit will adore the Devon Kids/Future Champions Shop with everything from fluffy toys to equipment for the young horse lover. On the eve of Devon's formal opening, the Devon Gallery will host the First night in Devon, an exclusive pre-opening show where visitors can see and buy a pre-view of the work.

Much more Devonian tradition! There' s also ample food for carnivals such as hopper cake and roasted oreos to keep the grown-ups entertained while they wait for the children. If you need information or help, the information stand is the right place. Years of volunteer work on the stand provide helpful help and guidance.

You can also find information about Lots and Found. A further Devon-Tdition - the Souvenir-Program. You can buy the program in front of the information desk, at the back entrance and at the cash desk. Everybody likes a competition and the Devon Derby is one of the best!

You are invited to join our traditions of volunteering, fellowship and commitment to the best horse show in the state! I wish you a lot of fun at the fair!

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