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We specialize in horse and livestock feed, tacks, agricultural products, animal vitamins and health products. forage depot The next times you need something for your pet, from small pet food to cattle or horse food to other pet foods, make Lutz's food depot your goal. We' ve been working under the same name and with the same extended household for 35 years, and our goal is to make the additional efforts to make your shopping experiences as accessible as possible, just as we dedicate ourselves to delivering the best care for your pet.

In fact, we even provide outdoors accessories for your next adventures, with or without your own animals, and you won't find many other shops where you can collect a camp elback rucksack along with your own companion animal pack. Join us today and let us contribute one hundred and ten per cent to helping you find what you need! You'll find it in the Feed Depot!

Parasturas Los Alazanes

The Pasturas Los Alazanes is your locally owned agricultural fodder warehouse with sites in Southern Dallas, Balch Springs and Forest Hills, Texas. We specialise in horse and cow fodder, tacks, agricultural produce, as well as pet food and healthcare. At our Dallas site or every Saturday, our employees are there for you with our supply service.

Business hours: Mondays - Saturdays 7:00 - 21:00 Sunday - 8:00 - 20:00 Shop opening hours: Mondays - Saturdays - 8:00 - 20:00 Sunday - 8:00 - 18:00 Business hours: Mon days - Saturdays - 8:00 - 20:00 Sunday - 8:00 - 20:00 * Every Saturday.

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In addition, hot and humid conditions put additional strain on the horse during exercise, demonstration and transport. During the hectic voyage and the show seasons it is especially important that your horse is not heated, sufficiently moisturized and pleasant even with rising temperature. Horse feed is directly linked to the horse's good condition, as it is the main part of the horse's nutrition.

BEYOND CLOSING SYSTEM is a great horse owner utility as it can be used on all horse regardless of race or sport to help judge whether the horse is obese, low in weight or just right. It is very important to know the exact state of your horse's physical health, as this will help ensure that your nutrition programme delivers the right amount of heat to cover its calorie needs.

Alexis Gray, horse breeder, explains why she likes Purina Strategy Healthy Edge and what beautiful results she has achieved. Instructive horse digestive lesson, covering how a horse divides food and the digestive processes. Coach Kiaran McLaughlin and the trainer rely on Purina Horse Food to lead them into the winning group.

Dr. Chris Blevins, DVM, of Kansas State University Veterinary Medical and Teaching Hospital, demonstrates how to study the mind and lips of an older horse to assess its overall wellbeing. We are pleased to present SuperSport at SuperSport? aminos acids complement - shown to accelerate regeneration* and help the horse be prepared for what comes next.

Dr. Karen Davison of Purina® explains how to use the Purina Weight Band to maintain an exact horseweights.

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