Horse for Painting

A horse for painting

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equestrian painting

Genuine, hand-painted acrylics, A. C.E.O. cards, thumbnails, cards for the trade in arts. Acrylics on cardboard, painting of a..... We have in this sale an old painting on linen painting by the US painter Edith Garnett showing a countryside with browsing animals from around 1900. Illegal signatures.

This painting is autographed in the lower right hand side in white ink with a magical mark on the back and an authentic Charles Burdick sticker. A breathtaking and tragic work depicting a muscled, gray horse in the country. Contrasts between the gray horse and darks make the subject.....

The smallest of the chips is located in the top left-hand hand side of the coin. It is marked Elbers Estates guarded state. Acryl on cardboard, painting of a creme coloured Palomino. Genuine, hand-painted acryl miniaturkunst, ATC ( "Art Trade Card"). Notice: Light scratches and discolouration on the painting.

It is a magnificent looking, 80 year old piece of art on panels with seemingly civilian soldier who ride into combat with pulled blades and weapons. One-of-a-kind horse head 11 x 14" metal canvas painting and horse sculpture, 13" without marks. Stone-enamel on copper-painting of horses on a Fleming farm ca. 20 c. Good state.

Watercolour painting. SeƱor Mistery Artist. Autographed lower right. It is a wonderful and one-of-a-kind work of art that I frame so that you can put it up. With a horse saddled through a tree. Poppy and horse willow. It is an archetypal painting that I made with watercolours. It was my intention to show a horse pasturing in peace on a meadow covered with opium willow.

It' s on acid-free 140lb..... 100 per cent handpainted Oilpainting on linencloth. For the right frame for the right look & colour this picture can look much, much different & better! As you can see on the picture, this is only a screen. Genuine Horse Painting Horse Profile inked and date on linen 16 " x 20" Horse Profile Painting with canvases.

16' x 20" laterally stitched linen cloth with signature, date and lacquer. It' a chestnut fighter on a horse with his hounds around it. Three dominant jockeys of the nineteenth century oil on linen by H. Wolff - Fred Archer, George Fordham & Nat Flatman. Watercolour horse printing on thick carded cardboard, 5x7,5" inscribed.

Nice painting, autographed by Helen Blaha, 11" x 23", a little larger with border, see all pictures. Synopsis: WATERCOLOR PAINTING. OVER 100 YEARS OLD. Acryl Painting Horses Snow Mountain Unframed 36" x 24" Interesting tranquil atmosphere to appreciate and thank this impressionistic representation of the horse in wonderful scenery!


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