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Where can I find out how to post a real horse ad?

Everyone who sells a horse on-line should have a minimal amount of information in their ad. All the better if it was designed in a plain size! If you are looking for a horse on-line, you are looking for the right horse. You want a horse that meets your needs and your life style.

Whether they are looking for a bombproof older Trailpferd or a high-end show jumping horse - they know what they want. It is not so hard and if you do not know how, then go out of the net and take some essential computer categories. They also provide free classifieds!

There is another site, EquityRian Connections, which also has free advertisements that you can post a picture, and it's similar to Equine Now. That' a live breathable beast. It' an beast that is very big and costly to keep. Don't tell lies in your ad to make the pet more attractive.

And the best way to get a horse for sale is a deal. If the horse doesn't work, you should be ready to take it back.

Writing a horse for sale?

This is how you have chosen to resell your horse and your horse is prepared for you. SIMPLE is the number to write a small ad to sale a horse on-line or in a periodical, so don't be tempted to omit important information to make the ad more cheap.

If you add more information to the ad, it is more likely that you will be selling the horse right away. In addition to indicating your horse's health data (see below ), the display should focus your horse on anything that makes it something unique. Horse rearing can arouse the interest of the buyer, so it is definitely a good idea to mention a well-known or prosperous father.

Photos and videos are useful for interested parties and can reduce waste of your own valuable resources, but it is important that they show the horse at its best. It makes no sense to reply to your ad if they do not have the means to meet your asking prices. If you do not specify a prize, your ad will also be excluded from the on-line search for a horse within a certain prize category.

In order to determine a prize, look at other similar ponies that are promoted on the web in your area. When you include staple and carpets in the sale, include that in the ad. As soon as you have posted the ad, ask yourself: "Would I see this horse? "You have to reconsider the ad if the response is no.

If you are submitting the ad on-line, please be sure to spell it correctly. Covers the most important stats that you should display in each ad: By now you have your ad prepared you can display your horse for sale on-line with horse & dog of as little as 35, or call our staff at 0800 731 0616.

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