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You're a real jockey in this great horse game Raceday. When you and your horse are strong and fast enough to win the race, you get a cup and a cash prize. Equestrian games give you the pet of every child's dream with only a part of the responsibility. The purchase of ONE horse is NOT valid for ALL horses! Operate your own HorseHotel and become the owner of your own horse farm.

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You' re a true comedian in this great horse game Raceday.... When you and your horse are powerful and quick enough to beat the competition, you will receive a cup and a cash prize. Using this cash, you can buy better feet and vitamins for your horse, which can also lead to your horse wins in the next few competitions.

Each time you win a racing, you get to make a tougher one.

Online horse game for free at Pferd

Horse Caring is another easy-care adventurer. This is not an easy game, however, as it gives you the opportunity to see the most enchanting little horse and listen to the most frisky musical sounds in the back and watch the amazing visuals. Every little detail makes the game amazing, so the enjoyment is assured.

Complete your work with the maintenance part and then you can continue with the trim part. Enjoyment and having a good time with Baby Horse Caring.

A funny horse game for riders!

But your horse is only half the game! In order to be successful, you must recruit and educate drivers. It is the ideal pairing of horse and horseman that can reach the top and compete in year-end championships. Bring your horse and horse back with you on horseback trips to unwind, sign up at specialist fitness centres or organise your own shows anductions.

Construct your barn by building sheds, willows, arena and arable land.

The HorseHotel - be the boss of your own farm!

The HorseHotel makes you the proprietor of your own horse farm. Look after the stallions, take good care of their needs and explore thrilling matches until they happily revert to their home ownership. On your lush meadows there is enough room for many horse. Every horse must be inspected to see if it is well.

Fascinating horse shows and challenging horse races are awaiting you, and each race has its own unique needs. Have a look at the horse database to find out exactly what the horse needs. It will help you to ensure the best possible horse grooming. When your horse needs more stamina, try the mini jumping game.

When the horse lacks self-confidence, you can develop it with flat work practices in the school. However, all our stallions have one thing in common: they need your love, so don't forget to give them goodies and caress them! Extend your horse farm into a luxury resort, you'll find many extensions in the store that make more room for more horsepower.

Remember, the larger your guesthouse, the more sophisticated your guest will be. Make more money by completeing quests so you can affordable upgrade your accommodation and take more and more horse time. In addition to the maintenance of your accommodation, the maintenance of your horse is the order of the day: daily cleaning of your stable so that all your horse can have a pleasant time!

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